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3 Jeans Shopping Tips for Women

For most people, the dress they wear is an intrinsic part of their personality, and because of this crucial reason, people are very selective when it comes to choosing an ideal pair of jeans. Further, investing in a pair of jeans marks the beginning of a great relationship, and longevity is the desired factor that consumers prioritise in this relationship. With the plethora of online and in-store options, picking the right model, right brand, the right size, etc., can be cumbersome for the consumer. Leading brands like Neuw sell premium quality women’s jeans in Australia made from the best fabrics available in the market. It is essential to buy jeans from brands that ensure maximum durability and comfort for the customer. Additionally, the jeans should also be compatible with one’s lifestyle.

Here is a list of factors that women need to keep in mind while buying a new pair of jeans.

  1. Determine the Size

The size measurement criterion is not universal for all brands. There are slight variations from brand to brand. Similarly, sizes also vary from country to country. So, it is advised to do the measurement on one’s own and determine the correct fit using a measuring tape. The size is usually measured in inches. While measuring, do it from the crotch to the ankle to get the perfect length. Waist measurement is one substantial pointer of size while purchasing jeans. Once the size is determined, one can easily determine other aspects like the rise and leg silhouette. Here, the jeans’ length is only secondary to waist size because one can achieve their desired length through sufficient altering, whereas waist alteration is a challenging process.

N.B: In the absence of a measuring tape, one can depend on a string and ruler for the measurement. The stomach should be in a relaxed posture while taking the measurement.

  1. Do a 360 Degree Test Run

Though this might sound trivial, doing a 360-degree test run is vital. See for oneself how the jeans appear from behind by standing in front of a mirror. Bend the knees a bit and stretch the legs to determine whether it causes any discomfort. It is advised to purchase jeans that are not too tight to ensure proper blood circulation. For people who wear jeans regularly, it is always better to go for regular fit jeans to ensure maximum comfort.

  1. Fabric and Design

Though most of the jeans are made from denim (made of cotton fibres), choose from the best quality denim in the market that are durable. Enterprising brands like Neuw manufacture women’s jeans in Australia that are original and unique, which are important perquisites for a jeans brand. As per a study conducted last year, 65% of women prioritise the fabric’s quality while purchasing a new pair of jeans.

Stick to a design that one finds comfortable. People can experiment with denim if they are interested. For instance, wearing dark-shaded, whisker-free jeans that are lengthy can create the impression that the person has longer legs. Similarly, if one thinks that legs are her best asset, a light wash jean would be the ideal option. Nevertheless, what ultimately matters is sticking to a fit that makes one feel confident. Making the experience worthwhile truly depends on what works best for that person, and it can vary from person to person.

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