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5 Ways to Dress Smart Casual | Men’s Style

Are you tired of wearing the same outfit? Or Are you in search of smart casuals for men? Do you want tips that will help you look good in casuals? 

Being a man, it’s always tricky to pick the outfit for the day. You need to reevaluate your suits and think about how you will get the most wear out of those beautifully tailored gems you have in your wardrobe. It’s not just wearing a shirt a tie, and that’s, I mean, that’s the easy part, right? More importantly, making your suit work for both your office and outside. Well, well, well, today I’ll give you 5 different ways that will help you pick the best from your wardrobe.

 5 ways to Dress Smart Casual | Men’s Style     

Replace your button-down shirt and tie for a roll neck 

From a button-down and tie to a roll, the neck is an easy switch that makes you look completely different. Make sure you go for a fine knit roll neck because it’s going to be light, it’s going to be luscious, and it looks slick. This is an absolute personal favorite of mine, and I always find that kind of rich burgundy tones and roll necks work amazing on navy suits, blue suits, and grey suits just to pick up the tone, and it makes it feel a little bit of festive as well.

Track Top

To inject a little bit of an athletic look to your style, there is no reason whatsoever that you can’t wear your track top layered underneath your blazer. Now, this a trend that we have been seeing all over the Catwalks for the past couple of seasons, and it gives your tailoring a completely different look. Be a little bit bold with the colors; wear it with trainers or boots; it just makes your tailoring look thoroughly adopted for the day wear.

Padded Juliet or Vest 

The weather is obviously cold at this time of the year, so slip on a padded Juliet or padded vest underneath your suit. Go for a real bold pop of color as it really looks so slick. The padded look gives you a real utilitarian outdoor kind of style where you have got all the shape and the tailoring of your suit. And for a good reason, when it’s not frigid yet or when it’s no longer scorching, the vest can help you regulate your body temperature for added warmth and keep you feel comfortable, cool, and stylish. Along with a vest make sure you wear dialog watches. As they look super classy. If you want to buy watch must read vincero watch review

Sweater or T-shirt 

Let’s go the basics. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t wear a fine knit sweater or T-shirt underneath your suit. My top tip for this goes for a monochrome look, so if you have got a navy suit, then go for a navy sweater underneath and keep the entire look navy; it looks really slick. The same applies to black; if you have a black suit, go for a black sweater or black T-shirt. Keeping the palette all one shade from head to toe like this creates an impactful look.


We usually wear suits with some nice shoes but switch your shoes to lace-up boots or even a pair of trainers depending upon the weather, and this gives your look an altogether different vibe. Obviously, changing your footwear applies to any other changes that we made earlier on, drop the blazer and add a bomber or a leather jacket for the ultimate in kind of depth to dinner wear. Footwear is essential for smart casuals.

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