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7 Fashion Tips for 2020 from the Gurus

Summer quickly comes around and year by year, fashions and trends rotate, with some clinging on for a good few years, and if you would like an industry insight into this year’s hot fashion items, here are a few that you will see wherever you go.

  • Silk Scarves – The ultimate in sophistication, the finest creations can be found at, where all of Victoria’s designs can be viewed. Silk and cashmere can be combined to provide a scarf that feels smooth and its fluidity allows the material to cling, so do check out Victoria’s latest collection. Whether a day at the races or attending a gala dinner, a silk or cashmere scarf will keep your shoulders warm, so get online and check out her amazing collection.
  • Chunky Statement Necklaces – Metallics are in force this summer and a single, large statement necklace is all that’s needed, with silvers and bronzes popular. Check out the online sterling silver jewellery store, who would stock a range of such necklaces, and let’s face it; you can never have too much silver jewellery!
  • Extra Wide Belts – These can be fashioned from a narrow silk scarf, or specifically made for the job, with large buckles evident, and this allows you to insert a contrasting colour around the waist.
  • Strap Sandals – In keeping with the casual look, a pair of strap sandals can be very practical, especially when on or near the beach. Leather is in, with all shades of natural brown to show off your summer tan, and some have long straps that can be wrapped several times, ending up at the top of the calf.
  • Padded Headbands – Black or white are the preferred colours for these unique hair accessories, which can be used in a variety of ways, to keep your hair in check. A Google search will help you locate an online supplier and order a few different colours, which you won’t regret.
  • Classic Hoop Earrings – Continuing from last year, expect to see large hoop earrings everywhere, with pearls or even wooden hoops making an appearance. Sterling silver is another option, so check out the online silver jeweller, who would have a huge selection, all at very affordable prices.
  • Colourful Sunglasses – Large frames are in, and you can inject bright colour by wearing a pair of sunglasses this summer. Turquoise, pink and beige are popular shades for these shades. Polarised versions are available from any top sunglasses provider, which gives you the ultimate eye protection when out in that midday sun. Wrap-around frames are also a trend, with many different styles to add a touch of sophistication to your summer look.

This year is very much an extension of 2019, the year that saw bold and bright colours returning to centre stage, so look for bold and beautiful accessories that will help you keep ahead in the fashion race.

Shopping online offers many benefits and with the convenience of shopping at home, you can browse to your heart’s content until you find that perfect accessory.

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