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A Guide to Setting Up your Make-UpRoom

Most women have their make-up station in their bedroom, for obvious reasons, and when applying your morning make-up, it is essential that everything is at hand. If you are about to relocate and are planning the layout in your new abode, here are a few tips on setting up your make-up corner.

  • Your Make-Up Mirror – This is the most important piece of kit when applying make-up, and with online suppliers of Glamour LED mirror lights that are designed by make-up artists, you can create the ideal lighting. They even have units with built-in Bluetooth speakers, for those who love to listen to their favourite playlist while doing their make-up.
  • Full-Length Mirror – It is essential to have this item, which might be in the inside of a wardrobe door, or as a stand-alone unit that can easily be stored under your bed. The full-length mirror allows you have final check that you look your very best, which is a real confidence builder when on your way to an important social function.
  • Vanity Table – Another furniture item that is made for make-up application, a good vanity table has drawers and compartments for everything you might require. If you would like to view a selection of top-drawer vanity tables, the online supplier has it all, plus other essential items, and all at lower than retail prices.
  • Make-Up Organiser – Typically made from clear plastic, an organiser makes it easy to locate when you’re looking for, and with a wide range of sizes and styles, there’s something for everyone. No more fumbling and fiddling, as you try to find your favourite eye liner or lipstick, and these items can easily be dismantled and washed.
  • Chairs & Stools – Of course, women adopt various styles when applying their make-up, and if prefer a high seated position, there are classic make-up stools available from the online supplier. Chairs offer a lower level, and a lot depends on the height of your vanity table, which will determine the type of seating that is ideal.
  • Pro LED Ring Light – Professional make-up artists swear by these unique fixtures, which are easily adjusted and provide the right lighting at any angle. They come in a range of sizes and styles, meaning there will be one that is ideal.
  • General Lighting – You do need a lot of natural light when applying make-up and if you have large windows, so much the better. A pendant light that you can lower also makes sense for those evening sessions, although if you have an LED make-up mirror, this would be more than adequate.

If you are looking for any of the above items, a simple Google search will help you locate a leading Australian supplier who would stock everything you need for your make-up area, and once you have filled your shopping cart, proceed to checkout, where you can make a secure online payment and your items will be dispatched to your home address.

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