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All You Need to Know about Korea’s Traditional Clothing Hanbok

Visiting Korea is a great experience, but capturing the knowledge and assets of its history is more than just collecting a few pictures. When visiting Korea, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to wear the famous Korean clothing, commonly known as hanbok. It is Korean traditional clothing, which is still in huge demand. Its demand is even seen worldwide as more and more people prefer wearing this outfit for an unique look on different occasions.

As the demand and craze of hanbok are increasing exponentially, we are here to give you detailed knowledge about this clothing.

What is Hanbok?

Hanbok is a traditional Korean outfit that is in trend nowadays. You can see people wearing hanbok on different occasions like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and various other formal/informal events. There are also fashionable and casual hanbok available to buy, which provides comfort and beauty to the wearer.

Overall, a hanbok consists of three components: Jeogori, Chima, and Baji. 

  • Jeogori: It is a shirt that men and women both wear at the top.
  • Chima: It is a skirt like bottom wear for women, which is available in floor-length.
  • Baji: The bottom wear worn by men is called Baji, which are mostly baggy pants.

It means women wear Jeogori at the top and Chima at the bottom, whereas men wear Jeogori at the top and Baji at the bottom. However, during winters, men and women can wear an additional shirt or coat on this outfit to stay safe from sizzling winter.

Now, fashion has added many accessories for women to beautify their look. Women have a wig (Known as Gache) and pin (called Binyeo) that can be opted along with your hanbok and make your outfit look more appealing.

Hanbok History:

Everything on this earth has an interesting history, and so does this Korean hanbok. It was the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 B.C.-668 A.D.) that brought in this hanbok fashion. During that period, women wore full length skirts at the bottom and jackets at the top. Moreover, men wore roomy trousers that bound the ankles and belted at the waist. It becomes a common trend those days, and hence many renowned personalities started wearing it in daily routine.

In the 7th century, when Silla unified the Korean peninsula, China imported elements that were used to make a new clothing style. The most significant difference between Korean uniform was that it had a straight neckline, whereas the Chinese style had a rounded neckline. Later in the 17th and 18th century, Korea included numerous fashion assets that influenced the local people and hence made them a part of Korean culture.

When to Wear Hanbok?

You might be wondering when you can find a specific occasion to wear this hanbok. This Korean fashion has now become popular across the globe, and numerous renowned celebrities worldwide wore this outfit in different events. There are many popular Netflix shows like ‘Kingdom’ and ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ where the main characters can be seen wearing hanbok. Furthermore, many American artists are also seen wearing Korean traditional clothing in different public events.

Hanbok Color Signs:

Not many of you may know that Korean wear hanbok of a specific color that gives you information about their status, professional, etc. The color and patterns were not bifurcated in the initial days. However, with time, color, and patterns were categorized for different people.

Most people could be seen wearing white cotton hanbok, whereas sometimes they can wear pink, grey, or green. You will find most of the men and women wearing hanbok with multiple colors on it across Korea. However, they have strict rules in opting for those colors. Specifically, kids hanbok have bright colors, whereas older adults most commonly have hanbok with subdued colors.

An unmarried lady would wear a red skirt or yellow jacket whereas a married lady would be seen wearing red and green. However, they can also wear blue after having a baby. Furthermore, members of the royal family always have specific color choices in their hanbok. You would also find specific patterns on their hanbok. E.g., the queen’s hanbok commonly has the images of phoenixes, whereas kings wore dragons, fire, mountains, or water plants on their hanbok. Moreover, princesses wore cranes butterflies and lotus flowers. Remember, most of these patterns are reserved for use by the royal families.

Where to Buy Hanbok?

Nowadays, many online stores are available to order your favorite hanbok and get it delivered anywhere on the globe. Korean in Me is the one-stop destination when you are looking for top-quality hanbok with versatile buying options and easy payment methods. You can sort from children’s hanbok, traditional hanbok, modern hanbok, and many other categories to find best-suited hanbok for your purpose. Whether you are planning to attend a birthday party or a wedding ceremony, you will find a perfect hanbok for the special occasion.

Above all, with a hassle-free ordering process, you can check out your favorite hanbok and get it delivered to any part of the globe. Furthermore, don’t worry about customer support and language hurdles between Korean and other country-specific languages. Korean in Me has a supported team to cater to your queries in your preferred language.

In Korea, fashion has already changed a lot when compared to decades-old fashion. Hanbok is commonly reserved for special events. However, you can still opt it for daily usage. But when it comes to specific occasions like New Year, Wedding Ceremony, Birthday Party, etc., you can have a unique and outstanding Korean hanbok that can make you eye candy in the entire crowd.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out from the broad collection of Korean traditional clothing and order your favorite Korean hanbok today!

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