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Buying Couple Rings: What you Need to Know

Although love is a universal emotion, every relationship is different. Thus, in terms of expressing your commitment to your special someone, you will want to do it in a unique way. You can make this happen with couple rings. These rings have diverse symbolism and usually represent the step between dating and engagement. Couple rings are usually worn to show your commitment to one another, although their significance usually varies from couple to couple. But, even couples who do not plan to tie the knot can wear a couple ring in Singapore as a statement of equality within their relationship.

Couple Ring vs Engagement Ring

Couple rings are a contemporary concept and worn by couples at any stage of their relationship to celebrate the moments they have had together and express their partnership. Engagement rings are likely to follow couple rings to symbolise the promise of marriage.

Buying Unique Couple Rings

What makes couple rings even more appealing to couples is the fact that they can be customised according to the couple’s preferences.  With engagement and wedding rings, couples mainly consider diamonds and the number of diamonds. However, couple rings are a great way for couples to immerse themselves in a diamond ring design that is a bit more experimental.

Choosing Couple Rings

Whether couples prefer a classic look or wish to be more modern, they need to consider some points when picking a couple ring set.

Here is a guide for them:

  • Placement. It’s important to decide which finger to wear the couple rings on. If they prefer to wear the ring at all times, they must choose those suited to daily wear. Couple rings can be worn on any finger.
  • Style. The best couple ring design is one that reflects the wearer’s personal style. For couples with the same tastes, a matching couple ring set is the best option. But, couples can also consider complementary rings that share similar features to express their union as a couple.
  • Metal. Couples that prefer to wear matching ring styles can make create a more unique look by choosing the same ring in various metal colours. Depending on their chosen metals, the same ring can have different looks, from contemporary elegance to vintage romance.

  • Diamond. When adding some sparkle, couples can think about combining diamond shapes and varying numbers of diamonds.
  • Setting. Couples must pick the setting to display a sense of harmony between rings. Couples can explore subtle design flourishes like dainty beadwork detailing or metal texture, or a channel and prong-set diamond solitaire settings.

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