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Choosing the Right Bathing Suit for Your Curvy Body

Summer. The perfect time to go out and go to the beach and refresh. The world has put you under enough pressure that you need to cool down and just relax. Work, Covid and safety protocols are all important to think about, but some rest and relaxation are good for you occasionally. You might end up going crazy if you do not simmer down for a while.

People stayed in their house almost all the time because of what is going on, so it is no surprise to gain a few pounds. If you do not have anything to wear, a curvy bathing suit is always available online or at your local mall if you are near one. But choosing one can be a real hassle. Each body type has a different fashion style in them. When you go to the beach, you want to look good and ooze with confidence when you walk there. That being said, here some ideas you can use to choose the best bathing suit for your body.

Pear Shape or Triangle Bodies

Women with this kind of body have small shoulders and busts and have large legs and thighs or have big bottoms. The swimsuit you should choose is those that highlight your upper body. Choose a swimsuit with brilliant colours at the top and with dark, dim colours below. Swimsuits with accentuated tops like halter tops are a must. You want to keep the attention on your nice shoulders. Skirtinis, tankini sets or a one-piece with bright coloured tops are your options.

Apple Shape or Inverted Triangle Bodies

This type is the opposite of the triangle, as the name suggests. Women with these bodies have wide shoulders and larger chests with a small waist, hip, or bottom. With the fashion style, you will do the opposite with the pear shape, focusing people’s attention on your lower body. Wearing suits that trim your tummy, and are brightly coloured, will achieve this. Also, choose those that have a wider strap and breast support or those that have an underwired bra. V-necks, swim dresses, and all-over print suits are your best suits.

Hourglass Shape

These women have the best of both worlds from the pear and apple shape bodies. Hips and chests that are large but have a small waistline. They are considered lucky for these features. But if you have problematic areas, opt for the swimsuit that will focus on your best parts. Have a slim waist? Choose the swimsuit that will enhance that part. You can wear any swimsuit you want, especially if you choose those that enhance your waist.

Round Shape

These women have big shoulders and hips with a round waist. If you really want a slender look, then find a swimsuit that will give a slimmer look to your waist. Colours that are bold at the top but are dark and solid at the bottom is the best choice for you. Baby-doll swimsuits or those that have prints that have optical illusions are your best options. Blousons are a good choice too.

Rectangle Bodies

Women like these have a straight proportion body from the shoulder to the hip. What you will need is a swimsuit that will create a waistline. You can opt for blousons and V-necks or those with diagonal or prints that can have an optical illusion effect if you want. If you have nice shoulders, then choose halters, and if you have a good bust, then plunging necklines will enhance that area.

People have different body shapes, and whichever it may be, there is always a style that will fit you. Choose the best that you think will fit your body. Trust yourself and find the right curvy bathing suit that will surely catch anyone’s attention.

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