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How to Look Dapper When You Wear Modest Dresses

Many women have started integrating conservative fashion into their personal style. This is mostly because modest fashion has been getting a lot of buzz in the fashion community. What started as a culture followed by religious women became a major trend loved by thousands of females across the globe. 

However, it’s no secret that sometimes, women who want to follow the conservative fashion trend don’t feel completely confident in styling themselves. If this sounds very much like you then you can check out the personal styling tips below.   

Start with the right pieces

Although there isn’t a clear definition of modest fashion, there are a few basic things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you need to pay attention to the hemline and neckline of the pieces you choose to wear. Ideally, modest pieces have long hemlines and high necklines. You can shop for maxi skirts, buttoned tops, and modest dresses. Outfits like these are readily available in modest boutiques as well as Christian clothing shops.

Another key point to remember is that conservative fashion aims to avert the eyes from the most feminine parts of the body such as the crotch area, legs, hips, and chest. Hence, modest clothing is loose-fitting. Find tops that have a loose bodice. As much as possible opt for skirts instead of skinny jeans or leggings. 

Match your outfit accordingly  

Styling modest pieces isn’t really that different from styling ordinary clothing, footwear, and accessories. You have to pay close attention to the colors and patterns of the items you wear. See to it that they don’t clash with another. Ask yourself if the colors complement each other or if you need to switch other shades or hues. 

Learn how to layer pieces correctly

It’s very common for women who dress conservatively to wear layers and layers of clothing. This is mostly done during the chilly seasons of the year. When done correctly, you can achieve chic and sophisticated looks. However, when you layer clothes poorly, you may end up with a sloppy and unimpressive look. 

To layer clothes the right way, you need to take note of a few tips. First, avoid looking bulky by opting for sleeveless tops when wearing a jacket or sweater over it. Can’t find a sleeved maxi dress? Style it with a knitted cardigan or a tunic. You can also tie a scarf around your neck to get maximum coverage.

Pick the right add-ons to bedazzle your outfit

Conservative clothing often doesn’t come with decorations and bling-bling. Hence, you need to learn how to accessorize the right way. With the perfect set of accessories, even the most ordinary-looking pieces can look like a thousand bucks. There’s a long list of accessories you can use in order to upgrade your clothes. 

Some examples of accessories you can use include earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can also pin brooch made from precious stones and metals. If you’re keen on adding hair accessories, then feel free to do so. Just make sure to pick items that match the rest of your outfit so you get a cohesive and chic finish. 

Complete the look with light makeup

Nothing can compliment an outfit like complete make-up and hairdo. Because the goal of conservative fashion is to create a simple but breathtaking look, you should opt for a light make-up. Apply a very little amount of cosmetic products such as foundation and eyeshadow. Instead of opting for a smoky pair of eyes, use light colors to highlight your eye colors. Then use a natural-looking blush and lipstick. 

Lastly, style your hair in the simplest way possible. You can have it braided, tied into a bun or perhaps clipped on one side.

Gone were the days when conservative fashion was deemed as boring, unattractive and unappealing. You can totally pull off a modest look but still maintain your chic and tasteful fashion instinct. Take note of the tips above and use them the next time you style yourself. 

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