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How to Pick Out Your Signature Scent

The perfume and fragrance world brims with tons of perfume options for you to choose from. Sometimes arriving at a decision can be a challenging and daunting experience. Once you approach the counter, the only thing that can help you make a judgment is the bottle’s design. Moreover, you will only get the chance to sample a small selection among hundreds of options.

Therefore, how do you ensure that you land a scent that will be your favorite for years on end?

Research, research, research

Sometimes the answers to most of our life questions lie within us. Which fragrances have already blown your mind? That should be your starting point.

If you are new to fragrances, you can also use the distinct smells from your everyday life that you always love as a research point. It can be the smell of coconut in your shampoo or the fragrance from your body wash. These, too, are essential points to initiate your search.

Another good starting point can be something that you believe. For example, if you are for the idea of uplifting the plight of black perfume designers, you can base your search on black-owned fragrance brands.

Proper sampling

Trying a fragrance on is the best way to find your new signature scent. However, most people will judge by picking up the bottle, popping the cap off, and sniffing. Yes, this might help you decide instantly, but what you just did is sampled the top notes. You are yet to explore the base note or discover whether it has chemistry with your body.

When sampling, ensure that you try it on a naturally warm part of the skin so that it can reveal itself over time. Here is a quick guide to help you test fragrances like a pro.

  • Use scent blotters for more accurate scents.
  • If you want to spray in the air, do it downwards in the form of a small cloud.
  • When you spray it on the part of the body, give it time to settle. Then, you can inhale it later.

Don’t rush the process

Choosing a permanent fragrance needs time. Therefore, it would be best if you took things slowly, ensuring that you allocate ample time to sampling every fragrance on your shortlist. This will allow you to appreciate a fragrance and understand how it develops in your body over time.

One mistake that most people make is sampling multiple fragrances at a go. Well, you might be in a rush, but is it worth arriving at the wrong choice? Sample one perfume at a time, allocating at least one day for each one of them.

Follow your instincts

It is never advisable to choose a scent based on other people’s opinions or popularity. Remember, it is a scent you are willing to live with for quite a long time; the least you can do for yourself is choose one with a natural appeal to your senses.


Finding a signature is a special moment that should be accorded special treatment. It should be a choice that feels right for you. Therefore, ensure that you exhaust your options and get the one that truly makes a statement about yourself.

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