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Must-Have Accessories for Successful Brow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is a risky affair, and simple blunders can ruin your look for good. Can you imagine having the wrong brow color and stained skin? This can be disastrous. However, attaining exquisitely shaped brows shouldn’t be unattainable. 


Nowadays, there are different henna shades and kits in the market, and it’s easy to choose what suits your skin type and tone. It’s also best to have the henna treatment done by a professional, and you require different accessories for a successful procedure.


What should I expect during eyebrow tinting?


Before going for your tinting appointment, clean your face thoroughly and exfoliate the brow area. This eliminates all the residual makeup and oil and primes your skin for the procedure. A dirty or oily brow area can impact the efficacy of the henna tint.


 Also, choose your henna shade to match your skin tone and hair color. To understand how the tinting works, compare different henna brows before and after and use this to choose your desired look.


 The general rule in determining the right henna color is that dark brows go with dark hair. For light or blonde hair, you can only tint it up to two shades darker. You can also have the esthetician blend two or more shades to achieve the desired tint. 


Once you determine the best color, the paste will be applied for a short time and removed after a few minutes. For a striking look, consider having eyebrow waxing afterward. It will help eliminate any unwanted hairs.


What do I require for the procedure?


1. Henna dye


Henna is a semi-permanent dye that transforms your look almost instantly. It creates thicker, darker, and more beautiful brows. Acquire quality dye and choose the right color to match your skin and hair. If unsure about this, have a professional help you in the selection. You can also go for a henna brow tint kit; it comes with many other tinting accessories and will save you a lot of cash.


2. Cotton swabs 


Leaving the henna paste on your brow can stain your skin. Have some cotton swabs to wipe the dye once it absorbs into your hair and skin. For some skin colors, you’ll only wait for a few minutes and wipe up everything.


3. Brushes& Trimmer


Bow brushes and trimmers are handy in any brow tint application process. You’ll need an angled brush or trimmer to trim the ends of your brows to fit the desired shape and thickness.


4. Lash glaze


The glaze will come in handy after the treatment. It’s a moisture-rich solution that can generously hydrate your lashes and add that beautiful sheen. It nourishes and strengthens lashes and still adds keratin to ensure optimal lash health after a tinting procedure. Moreover, it will hold lashes in place and will lightly tint them.


Final thoughts


There are various tools and equipment that you require for your brow tinting procedure. Acquire all that you need and have everything ready before commencing the process. Purchase the products from legitimate stores to ensure quality. Also, perform a skin test before the henna treatment to rule out any likelihood of allergic reactions before using the dye.


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