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Ordering Custom Dress Shirts Online? Check These Aspects!

Love runway fashion but cannot afford the big brands? Or are you a gentleman who loves to create his own niche in fashion? No matter what you prefer, you must consider customizing your shirts for the closet. There are some amazing services that offer custom dress shirts, made to order, and these are worth paying for. In this post, we are going to guide you through the process, so that you can design shirts that shape your personality and flatter your body.

Start with the basics

Find a service that customizes shirts exclusively for men. The purpose of customizing or placing a specific order is to get the stitch, fit and design right, and for that, you need a reliable design service. The best companies have their own design tools, which can be used to create a new shirt design in just a few clicks. You may want to check the options, or rather the extent to which shirts can be customized. Some services even allow you to select aspects like interlining, collar, placket, button, gussets, cuffs and more.

Check the fabrics

The quality of fabric largely determines the price you pay for a custom dress shirt, and that’s one aspect that you shouldn’t be compromising on. The range of colors and patterns must be considered, as well. Think of oxfords, twills, poplins, stripes – all of which are trending at the moment and will continue to remain in demand. The thread count is something to check for. Customized shirts can be made in entry-level fabrics too, so the costs can be evaluated accordingly and decided upon.

Other things that matter

With custom-design dress shirts, you also need to check the process of adding measurements. If this is your first order, make sure that you take the measurements as per instructions using a measuring tape. You can also consider using the standard size fits to find what works for you. Some services also accept custom measurements. If you already have a shirt that fits you well, just check the measurements and add the same to your order.

Find the shipping time required for an order to get delivered, and check with the service to know if they will modify or alter the shirt size, at least for the first order. Custom shirts can be designed in as many ways as you want – Just select a service that’s experienced and well-famed for their work and tailoring expertise.

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