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Selecting a Handbag Supplier for Fashion Boutiques and Gift Shops

Designer handbags, fashionable purses, women’s hats and accessories have grown to be extremely popular previously couple of years. Gift shops, fashion boutiques, and retail designer stores have leaped in the trend to stock their establishments with merchandise within this category. How should a merchant choose their wholesaler / retailer to provide all of them with quality goods in a fair cost?

Wide array of cost points

Not every products and purses cost equally. Even though many bags and purses retail within the $40-50 range, there are numerous designer hands bags that may cost $150 and greater. Many retailers earn more profits in the high finish bags, because the wholesale prices of purses and accessories are 40-50% below retail cost.

Quality Merchandise

Make sure the supplier has first cut goods, the industry speak to find the best quality. Not every handbags have similar quality. You will find bags selling for $40 that may serve you for a year or longer, although some selling for $250 can break apart inside a couple of several weeks. A retail establishment’s status relies upon the caliber of their merchandise. Don’t fall along with an undesirable wholesale handbag supplier due to their marketing tactics if their items will not result in the cut.

Selection of Styles

Hands Bags and Purses are available in a multitude of styles. There are various materials that comprise the baggage, for example canvas, leather, fabric, suede, as well as straw for that spring and summer time several weeks. There are the endless variety of styles, for example clutch, hobos, mix body, strapless, and totes. Bags are also available in a lot of designs, with sequins, beads, embroidery, and stitching. its smart to select a supplier that may offer numerous styles therefore the store may have a reliable supply of items that their clients is going to be searching for.

Wholesale discount cost

Products are recognized for extreme variation in prices, and wholesale handbags aren’t any different. Select a supplier that is another direct manufacturer, to allow them to pass on the savings straight to the retail establishment. Look for a wholesaler / retailer which will sell low minimum quantities to retailers, therefore the savings can be found even if investing in a minimum volume of bags.


It does not pay to stock what is called “replica bags”, or cheap imitations of designer brand handbags, this type of Gucci, Coach, or Pravda. These legendary brands command a higher cost, with no you will be fooled having to pay $20 for any top name hands bag. Everything does is dilute a store’s status and recognition. Choose a genuine supplier which has their very own brands, or purchase from an authorized vendor who’s approved to market preloved handbags or brand wholesale handbags.

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