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Summer Loving: 3 Summer Date Night Outfit Ideas

The average woman spends 17 minutes every day choosing her outfit. And we can all agree that the time it takes to choose the perfect outfit for a date takes much longer.

Want to take less time picking out your outfit so you can concentrate on your hair and makeup? Knowing the current trends will help you have a few date night staples on hand at all times.

Keep reading to discover the best summer date night outfit ideas. 

  1. Crop Top and Mom Jeans

When it comes to date night outfits, the top trend right now is the crop top. 

No matter your weight or body shape, every woman can rock the crop top—as long as you pair it with the perfect jeans. Choose a bright crop top or a bralette and throw on a pair of high-waisted mom jeans. Leave the skinny jeans at home because we all know that they are now a thing of the past!

If you feel a little underdressed with your midriff showing, scale up your outfit with a few pieces of romantic jewelry. Gold hoops or an elegant necklace will help bring the whole look together.

Any type of shoes will go great with this versatile look, but try a pair of heels to give you some extra height.

  1. Fashion Romper and Leather Jacket

Another top contender for summer date outfits is the fashion romper.

Rompers are like jumpsuits but feature short sleeves and shorts which make them perfect for a warm summer day. Choose a bright color, like bubblegum pink, to ensure that you catch your date’s eye.

Then, pair the romper with a classic leather jacket. The leather will help tone down the bright color of the romper while also providing warmth if your date stretches into the evening hours.

As for shoes, we recommend a chunky sandal. 

  1. Jersey Dress and Sneakers 

If you’re more of a casual person, then most date night outfit ideas for summer can seem intimidating. But, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to look cute.

Instead, opt for a comfortable and sleek jersey dress. These are made out of extremely soft material, so you’ll feel right at home when out on the town. Choose a monochromatic color to help you feel even more comfortable in a crowd.

These dresses look great with a pair of your favorite sneakers. This means you can comfortably wear a dress regardless of the date night activities that are planned.

Use These Summer Date Night Outfit Ideas 

Which of these summer date night outfit ideas will you try out first?

For a bold and confident look, go for a crop top paired with your favorite mom jeans. If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, a fashion romper with a nice leather jacket will do the trick. Or, for a casual date, throw on a comfortable jersey dress and a cute pair of sneakers.

Looking for more fashion advice beyond date night outfit ideas for summer? Be sure to bookmark this site and check back often for new content.

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