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Top 5 Fashion Staple and Tips to Achieve the Old Money Aesthetic

The fashion world is a cycle of old trends. If you notice that some fashion trends in the ‘80s are now back in the mainstream this 2021, and that’s because these fashion pieces are timeless and will forever be part of the fashion industry. However, it still all goes down to how you carry and present your personality through fashion.

That being said, the old money aesthetic doesn’t always focus on the brand. If you can rock it on a budget, why not? There are many fashion options online, such as Sandro dresses, that offer a wide variety of classic, sophisticated, and elegant clothes, which is the concept of old money aesthetic. It shouldn’t be overwhelming and flashy of brand logos; instead, focus on solid patterned clothes in monochrome and calm colours.

What Is Old Money Aesthetic?

Old money is defined as having generational and inherited wealth (famous families worldwide and some celebrities portraying that role in some movies). So, if your fashion icon is Astrid Leong from Crazy Rich Asians and Audrey Hepburn, the Kennedys, and Blair Waldorf from The Gossip Girls, this fashion look might be for you.

There has been an observed increase in popularity of this fashion aesthetic this 2021, as some millennials and Gen Z are discovering underrated fashion aesthetics such as cottage core, Y2K and the California Girl aesthetic through Pinterest and different social media platforms. Old fashion pieces such as hair claw clips, spaghetti straps and tinted sunglasses are now back in the mainstream but with an exquisite twist. Thus, the digital age has a strong influence and effect on different fashion trends and their evolution.

How Can You Dress Like Old Money?

For some people, fashion is a status symbol, and that is how the old money aesthetic became popular. Apart from that, fashion manifests and showcases your personality. What you’re wearing gives people that you meet for the first time an overview of what it feels like to hang out with you. So, make sure that you make a good first impression! And here are some suggestions for that:

Keep the Classics in Your Wardrobe

Basic pieces will never go out of style even after a decade. So, invest in the classic pieces you can find. And, old money people always prioritise quality over a brand name and quantity of clothes. So if you can, focus on purchasing good quality leather handbags and shoes.

Dress Like a Lady

Purchase dresses that emphasise femininity and elegance. There are many underrated fashion brands that you can browse online such as Sandro dresses, and these solid-coloured and peter pan collared dresses highlight the old money aesthetic. Meanwhile, these are dresses that show both youthfulness and sophistication.

Neat Freak

You won’t look rich if your outfit is wrinkled. So keep your accessories, clothes, and shoes in good shape. Being neat and presentable is one of the core attitudes that every fashion icon invests in. Hence, always keep your items clean and polished.

Avoid Overwhelming Fashion Logos

One of the fascinating habits of old money people is that they don’t display overwhelming brand logos. Why? Because they don’t need to prove that they are rich. Avoid flashy items with logos on them. Also, it is better if you choose designer items that are of good quality.

Cover it Up

Sweaters, knitted vests and cardigans are the go-to casual wear. These casual items were first popularised in the ‘80s and are now on a comeback to the mainstream. So, secure at least one of these three, and you’re good to go!

Dress Sophisticatedly

Fashion will always be a frontier and core of people’s personalities. But sometimes, they are part of your charm. So, continue being charming and impress the streets!

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