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10 Ways Men Can Refresh Their Wardrobes for Spring

As wardrobes transition from winter to spring, dark colors and heavy fabrics will give way to light and airy looks. Thankfully, there are several ways to refresh your clothes without buying an entire closet of outfits this season. Explore these 10 ways that men can update their wardrobes for spring.

Spring Refresh Tip #1. Select Mix-and-Match Colors

The simplest way to refresh your wardrobe is by focusing on neutrals like beige, white and gray. Beige khakis, a white shirt and your favorite men’s hoodie create a nice look for any spring evening, for instance. This outfit has a classic appearance but with a bit of toughness mixed in.

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These neutral shades can also be mixed and matched, which allows you to diversify your wardrobe. Additionally, these styles tend to be timeless. You’ll be able to wear them year after year without clashing with ever-evolving trends.

Spring Refresh Tip #2. Keep a Sweater Handy

Keep some cold-weather clothes handy in case of a temperature dip. Think about hanging a sweater, a lightweight jacket and possibly a heavier coat in the closet. Depending on your region, spring isn’t exactly immune to frosty conditions.

Match that sweater or jacket with a spring-inspired scarf, too. Bright colors on the scarf give the entire outfit a fresh look that doesn’t remind you of winter’s darker hues. Look for clever patterns that give your scarves a masculine appearance.

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Spring Refresh Tip #3. Consider Bold Statements

Spring is the time to try out the unique colors of the season. Men can pull off fresh pastels in March, April and May. A style that looks great for a casual weekend or a lunch date could be a mellow yellow shirt or a pastel pink shirt paired with neutral colors of pants or shorts. Are you planning some excursions to any lake, ocean or river this spring? Look for white shirts with vertical stripes in any color. Stripes are traditionally associated with water activities such as boating.

Spring Refresh Tip #4. Try a Versatile Shoe

Put those black shoes away because brown shoes are perfect for spring looks. Since brown complements nearly any neutral, you’ll be able to wear shoes of this color from morning to late night. Brown shoes look just as good at a casual lunch as they do at the club. They work for both everyday occasions and semi-formal occasions. While not 100% waterproof, brown leather can withstand light rain in the spring. Quickly wipe your shoes off, and you’ll be ready for your next adventure.

Spring Refresh Tip #5. Layer for Style

Whether you have a lunch meeting or a wedding to attend, spring is the perfect time to layer your clothing. The season’s weather can be somewhat unpredictable, so the blazer you throw on before leaving the house in the morning might be too much when the afternoon sun peeks out.

Instead of going with louder prints and bold colors for your basics, try something like a white shirt and lightweight beige jacket to give you a neutral canvas to work with. Pair the outfit with a bright vest, and you’ll have room to take off layers and still look great — not to mention you’ll still be able to fit in whether you’re at a formal occasion or something more casual.

Spring Refresh Tip #6. Slip on the Sunglasses

Depending on where you live, sunglasses might be a year-round necessity, but as spring approaches, they’ll become even more important. Nicer weather means you’ll probably be spending more time outside, and it’s easier to socialize or get work done when you’re not squinting into the sunlight. Opt for lighter-colored lenses to match the season and let people see your eyes.

Spring Refresh Tip #7. Explore Neckline Options

Because you aren’t bundled up to your chin with winter layers, it’s time to show off a refreshed look with your tops. Men might automatically grab that trusty crew-neck t-shirt, but consider a v-neck instead. They look great with a long-sleeved button-up or casual coat.

Keep up with business-casual looks by wearing button-up shirts. Try white and even pastel shirts, and leave the top button or two loose. Darker-colored shirts may have been part of your fall and winter wardrobes, but lighter ones are handy year-round, and just like when you layer your outfits, you can roll up the sleeves if the spring sun starts to make things toasty.

Spring Refresh Tip #8. Retire the Dark Tie

Spring looks won’t always be casual. Semi-formal events will arise, so try out some refreshed looks. Men’s Health suggests you slip on that classic blazer while forgoing the dark tie for something lighter. Alternatively, skip the tie altogether and unbutton the top button for a casual yet appropriate look.

Spring Refresh Tip #9. Rediscover the Polo

Polo shirts are a perfect refresher for your spring wardrobe. They come in a rainbow of colors and work well for plenty of occasions. Button up the polo for a semi-formal look that doesn’t get as business-ready as other button-ups can. Plus, casual encounters give you a chance to unbutton all of your polo’s buttons.

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Spring Refresh Tip #10. Update Those Socks

One item of clothing that’s often overlooked is socks. Fall and winter demand warmth and functionality, and while you can find thicker socks in fun patterns, spring gives you more opportunity for personality. Pair your Taco Tuesday outfit with a set of avocado-printed socks, or don some with marine animals or palm trees for your next meeting. Your coworkers may not see them, but you’ll know you’re dreaming of vacations soon to come.

Refreshed and Ready for Warmer Weather

By choosing light colors and lightweight fabrics, you can instantly refresh your spring look. Layer those garments on cool days, and stick with a minimalist vibe when the temperatures rise. Your refreshed wardrobe will present a strong and confident man to the world.

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