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Just Do It: The Story of Nike

 It’s one of the most iconic brands in the world. The tick symbol or the slogan “Just Do It” stands on its own as being completely identifiable without the need for explanation or the brand name to be present. We are, of course, talking…

Tipping at Hair Salons and Other Etiquette

When you visit a Denver hair salon or other salon, it’s important to know about some of the popular rules of etiquette. On Time for Your Appointment Things can come up in life but it’s still important to be on time. Even just being 15…

The 3 styles of Flat Sandals to Own

Summer rhymes with barefoot! Sandals are a great shoe classic. To wear without moderation to give allure and daring to your summer outfits whether they are casual or dressy. But how to navigate among all the offers of sandals existing on…