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How To Dress For The First Date

Choosing what to wear for an auspicious occasion can be a daunting task. Dress appropriately for your first date gives several people headaches as they try to pick the best clad. Planning for coffee, lunch, hike, or movie date will…

5 tips for choosing your wedding dress

One of the decisions that most concern any bride is the look of the big day. We have all dreamed of our wedding at some time and one of the first things we think about is always the wedding dress ... What will they have that make us fall in…

Shapewear: How to choose a perfect one?

Shapewear is a basic essential that has created a significant impact on the world. It is an undergarment that helps in altering the wearer’s body in an impermanent way. Shapewear helps a person in looking more presentable. Over time, it has…