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4 Shoes That Are Perfect for Back-to-School Season

After a summer season full of strappy sandals, it’s time to start thinking about a new set of shoes. Back-to-school season is quickly approaching and it’s the perfect chance to refresh your shoe collection. It’s also a great time to start thinking about how you will transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. If you don’t know where to start, don’t sweat it. There’s a variety of options so you can decide on exactly which school-friendly styles you love. Here’s our guide to shoes that are perfect for the back-to-school season!

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  1. Cute Flats: Perhaps the most popular back-to-school style for students, parents, teachers and more, a pair of comfortable flats is a must in your shoe collection. Flats are perfect for creating a host of essential school-friendly looks because they’re usually simple in their design and flattering with so many different outfits. Wear a pair of ballet flats with tapered pants and a cute blouse for a look that’s both stylish and practical.

On the other hand, your back-to-school outfit might involve a different style of flat shoes. Closed toe slides or mules provide an appropriate look with a bit less coverage, which is nice during that summer to fall transitional period. These flat shoe styles look stylish with long or cropped pants as well, though they give off a particularly boho chic vibe when paired with breezy skirts or long dresses, too! Be sure to try one of these styles with your next school or work look.

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  1. Stylish Sneakers: Nothing says “back to school” like a fresh pair of sneakers. For students, sneakers are an absolute essential because they provide coverage, support and comfort throughout the day. Not all sneakers have to be so plain and simple, though. Thankfully, you can find brands that are dedicated to creating comfortable shoes that also look fabulous. That’s no different when it comes to athletic shoe styles. Whether you’re pairing them with a school uniform or going for a sporty chic look, chic sneakers can do it all.

Pair your cute and comfy sneakers with anything and everything! They’re great with jeans for more casual days or as part of an athleisure look for school drop-off and pick-up duty. Throw them on before class, at the gym or anywhere!

  1. Short Boots: Once the weather cools down a bit, it’s all about pants or jeans and a pair of cute ankle boots. Short boot styles are great for days when you want to elevate your outfit a bit without wearing high heels. Ankle boots are not only cute but also super flattering when worn with a long skirt, dress or skinny jeans. Add a pair to your back-to-school wardrobe and you’ll be sure to wear them into the fall and winter months!

As you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall, a pair of ankle boots is a constant companion. This type of boot provides a warm weather option for cute closed-toe shoes because it offers less coverage than full-length boots. As fall becomes more prevalent and chilly weather takes over, your ankle boots are sure to become some of your most reached for shoes. They’re appropriate for a school setting and tend to pair even better with fall colors and pieces than regular flats or closed-toe slides.

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  1. Bunion Friendly Shoes: One thing about school environments that has remained the same is that there tends to be a lot of walking, climbing stairs and moving around. Even if you’re sitting at a desk all day, it’s nice to know your shoes will keep you comfortable for hours on end. When it comes to uncomfortable bunions, many shoe styles can become painful in as little as a few minutes. With a pair of bunion-friendly shoes, this issue is virtually nonexistent!

Comfortable, bunion-friendly shoe styles are designed to match your exact foot shape. Made with strong yet flexible elastic material, the upper portions of these shoe styles curve and expand to hug your feet without squishing them or adding too much pressure. In a pair of bunion-friendly shoes, you don’t have to worry about pain, redness or irritation halfway through the school or work day. Plus, these shoes come in stylish styles and versatile colors that will look great with your outfits and take you from season to season with ease. Even if you don’t have bunions, you’ll love to wear these ultra-comfortable styles to school, work or anywhere!

Going back to school does not mean that you need to sacrifice your style for the dress code. You can take your school looks up a notch with a pair of shoes that exude your personality and flair!

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