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4 Things To Know Before Buying Custom Clothing

So, are you thinking of ordering a custom t-shirt?

Great idea! But whether you’re buying one for your business, for a weekend away with friends, or as personalized gifts for your partner, it’s definitely worth taking a few minutes to review these questions before ordering a custom t-shirt and spending your money.

Here are some things to keep in mind. Hope they save your time & money.

What is the use of the t-shirt?

  • This is a silly question, but it is very important to ask yourself this. This will help you think about who will wear them, why, where, and what they will do when you wear them with other elements. As an example.
  • Buy T-shirts that people can wear during distribution – think about * visibility *. Bright colors, great design, back appeal. You probably haven’t used it more than a couple of times, so it might be cheaper.
  • Do you need staff for your new bar? – Nice logo design, a dark-colored shirt (best for removing coffee stains), And something soft and comfortable because it will be used during the day.
  • Do you receive a garment as a gift for your favorite customer or, better still, for a potential customer? So look for something they will happily wear on a regular basis. They will be free brand ambassadors for you.

If you want to order customized clothing, then Sketch and Stitch Limited have a wide variety of kids and adult clothing to choose from. You can even customize a bath robe or makeup bag!

How many do you want?

  • Unless you know exactly how much people you’re spending, this is difficult. But it’s frustrating if you buy too little or too big. Always keep in mind that you benefit from a wealth of statistics and screenshots, in other words, if you buy more, it will be cheaper.
  • If you know who will receive it, you can ask them in advance to give them a special t-shirt. If you’re attending an event, you can make your life easier by asking about their dress size as part of your participation form. Or, you can ask us to collect all sizes for you, free of charge. We’ll provide you with a free online form to share with your teammates, friends, or colleagues.
  • Plus, the best unit prices for T-shirts start at around 25. Depending on the number of colors in your design, it can sometimes be cheaper than ordering 25 in total out of our minimum of 15.


How do you get them to your team/fans/customers?

  • Share it at an event? Make sure you sort them by size, etc., so you can easily find the shirt you need. Even better, if you know the size of everyone present, you can mark and sort them alphabetically.
  • Do they send mail? You can buy good and weatherproof envelopes online or similar for a few pennies. Make sure you have gathered all the relevant information in an easy-to-access spreadsheet. You should know:
  • Name
  • Size
  • Gender
  • Address


Great design is the key to popular shorts that people want to wear. Hire a professional designer and you will get your money back ten times (or at least ten times your brand awareness!). Also keep in mind that each color in your design requires a display, which is an additional cost.

  • Fewer colors = cheaper printing. The good news is that most of the best designs come in one color or two.
  • Make it bold, make it clear, make it easily visible from the other side of the room.
  • Make sure the designer provides you with vector graphics, as well as Pantone references in all the colors provided.

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