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4 Tips to Shop for Denim Bottoms Like a Pro

No doubt, denim covers a significant segment of everyone’s closet. While many prefer a tinge of denim in their outfit, others cannot make it without a pair of jeans. Luckily, ladies jeans are versatile and an all-age clothing choice. Meanwhile, with variations in colour, rise and fit, some people start finding it tricky to pair jeans with the right top. Also, when it comes to women’s jeans, you will have to consider several other factors like the body shape, size and fit before landing on a choice. Even so, jeans are easy to maintain, last long and have endless options, and all you need is the right pair!

Buying the Most Appropriate Pair of Jeans

Australians have turned out to be the world’s second-largest consumer of textiles and produce a variety of clothing. Meanwhile, jeans have been a functional outfit, and, hands down, they can never go out of style. So, investing in a pair of jeans or having your favourite collection is the best thing to do if you want to find the simplest way to upgrade your wardrobe. Denim pants are also affordable and have made themselves a staple outfit across the world.

So, here are four ways to ensure you end up picking the most appropriate jeans next time:

  • Check the Fabric

Everyone will want to invest in a pair of durable jeans. And to ensure that you do so, you need to watch out for the fabric details. While many people think denim jeans have nothing to do with the fabric, you need to consider how much a pair of jeans weigh. The rule of thumb is less the weight, the more the comfort. But the truth is lightweight jeans are less durable and can get worn out in a few months. So to get your hands on a pair of healthy and long-lasting jeans, ensure that they are at least medium-heavy and have a thick fabric running across.

  • Consider Your Body Shape

Whatever your body shape might be, the right pair of jeans can flaunt your best features. And to achieve this benefit of wearing a pair of jeans, always watch out for your body shape. That is, if you have a slimmer lower body, always choose high rise denim pants. Meanwhile, ankle-length jeans can flatter your lower body along with the waist when worn the right way. On the flip side, medium and low rise jeans best suit people with a curvy physique. Women often feel jeans are for the tall, and if you also feel so, you have wronged yourselves. Petite women can look dashing in a pair of high-rise and cropped jeans!

  • Start Knowing the Types

Ladies’ jeans are surprisingly versatile. There are more than twenty types of women’s jeans that you can easily find in the market. And each style can pull off a different look and work magic when it comes to flattering your silhouette. So, always begin with knowing the types of jeans available. For instance, straight jeans are more formal, while boyfriend jeans give more of a laid-back look. Also, mom’s jeans are not just for the moms out there, while mom’s jeans and boot cut jeans work well in retrieving some aesthetic essence without jeopardising accentuating your curves.

  • An Eye for the Details

Having an eye for fine details will ensure you never go wrong while buying a pair of jeans. And to begin with, watch out for the stitches; always prefer jeans with double stitches and hems throughout or at least at the pockets and waistline. Meanwhile, in today’s world, you also have to watch out for duplicates and first copies in jeans. Several brands mimic the brand label of a reputed manufacturer. Lastly, check out for the buttons, zips and rivets, as their existence and sturdiness matter.

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