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5 Different Pyjamas You Can Prefer Before Sleep

Sleeping has its fashion statement; the range of nightwear or sleepwear is a testament to this fact. There is a variety of sleepwear for people to choose from. Starting with the quintessential pyjamas to the more exotic camis and babydolls. Women especially are spoilt for choice when it comes to nightwear. They also come in a range of silk, satin, cotton and even wool and fleece. The choice of nightwear material largely depends on the regional climate and personal discretion. The ultimate aim of any sleepwear is comfort, but women’s sleepwear offers something more; fashionable choices.


Women’s nightwear has come a long way from the several layered gowns and robes they wore. The vast range caters to the different styles women subscribe to, from chic to boho and tomboyish.

The Cami and Shorts

The most well-known women’s sleepwear is probably camisole and shorts. It consists of a spaghetti strap or tank top with shorts. This combination comes in several fabrics, though satin and lace seem to be the most sought after. It offers maximum comfort, and the soft fabric ensures there is no skin irritation throughout the night. This nightwear is perfect for almost all weather, except extreme cold temperatures.

Long Jumpers

The long jumper is more akin to a t-shirt dress and usually ends mid-calf or just above the knees. This sleepwear also comes in various materials, from 100% cotton to fleece and other thicker materials. They generally include motivational or cute messages on the front and come in pastel colours. They can be sleeveless or full-sleeved, each offering a different range of coverage. They are comfortable in all weather, and almost all women own one in their wardrobe. They make them feel cosy at night and are perfect for chill climates.


The default pyjama set or PJs comes as a t-shirt with pants. But today, pyjamas come in all sizes. From tank tops to spaghetti straps and from three-fourth pants to long shorts. These pyjamas also come in several material fabrics like satin, silk and cotton. Most PJs come with a fictional character or line; fans of that franchise usually opt for them proclaiming their allegiance. PJs in satin are generally plain, though some have a lace neckline for an added appeal.


The traditional wrap was first intended as a robe substitute that was worn over the nightdress. It adds protection and coverage, though today, most people wear only a wrap to bed. Wraps are comfortable and come in soft fabrics that are comfortable against the skin. They usually come in combos with a babydoll dress or playsuit.

The Babydoll

The Playboy bunnies popularised the babydoll nightwear. A spaghetti strap dress with an empire waistline is characteristic of a babydoll dress. This nightwear usually exudes oomph and sensuality because of its revealing contours and mesh inlays. It is comfortable to sleep in and also allows airflow. The designs are usually chic and include frills and latticework.


A slip is similar to the babydoll but with more coverage and functionality. Slips usually sport spaghetti straps with ‘V’ necklines and lacework. Slips are generally made of satin or silk and flow over the body, maximising skin comfort. Women can effortlessly slip on this nightwear and thus the name. The soft fabrics add to the slippery feel of the dress and allow for optimal airflow within.

Women are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to their nightwear and sleepwear. While comfort is the primary function, their range of sleepwear like pyjamas, slips and camis also come in fashionable designs.

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