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6 Tips for Easier Plus-Size Swimwear Shopping in Australia

Australia is home to breathtaking beaches and luxurious resorts. Bondi Beach, Manly Beach and the iconic Surfer’s Paradise all call for stunning beach OOTDs. And what better way to snap a few Instagram-worthy photos than donning a sexy bikini?

Since every woman is unique, it is important to find the best swimwear that makes you look and feel your best. For beautiful ladies blessed with extra curves, here are some shopping guides to help you find the most flattering beachwear that makes you look like a bombshell!

Embrace Colors and Prints

Forget the all-black swimsuit and go for fun colours, patterns and textures. Step outside of your comfort zone by going for geometric patterned two-piece sets. Do not be afraid to try out different designs, too. Patterns all over the swimsuit are great, so people do not focus only on one area of the body but rather focus on the whole package.

Go for Separates

When filling your cart from a full figure swimwear in Australia shop, consider shopping for separates. Look for those that are sold separately, as it allows you to mix and match colours, styles and most importantly, sizes. You can buy different sized tops and bottoms with separates, creating a customised size that fits like a glove.

Look for the Best Support

Support is key when looking for larger swimwear, especially when you are blessed with a larger bust. A well-supported bathing suit is always flattering, no matter the size. Look for items with underwire, chest support and mid-section support. Also, look for thicker fabrics as thinner materials tend to cling to the most unflattering areas of the body.

Read the Sizing Chart

Once you find a style you like, check the size chart next. Take measurements of your own body to ensure you match the right size online. Take note that each brand sizes slightly differs, so make sure to make room for a bit of allowance. Understand the sizing of the brand you like to help you make a more informed decision.

Review the Return Policy

Now that you have finally found the perfect swimwear from a full figure swimwear in Australia online shop, you would want to know if they allow you to return the item if it does not fit or does not meet your expectations. That way, you can try different styles and pieces you do not usually wear to see if they look good on you, letting you create the perfect look for your fabulous beach getaway. For those items you do not like, you can easily return them and get your refund.

Check the Reviews

Many online shops allow buyers to leave reviews, sometimes including photos of the products they bought and their sizing information. Browse through the reviews section and see if you can find a review from someone with similar measurements as yours. Photos also help you see how the products look hen worn by ordinary people rather than the model from the online shop.

When shopping for swimwear, remember that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Knowing your plus-size body shape and your styling preferences can help you find the best pieces for you. Now, embrace your inner beauty and rock that fierce and fabulous look on your next beach holiday.

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