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Adding A Diamond to Your Love Story

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Love is all around ready to make its move. Doesn’t matter whether your love story has just started or you are a milestone couple, gifting a diamond to your partner will bring the right sparkle and zing to your everlasting love story.

Real diamonds symbolize rarity, purity, and elegance, just like pure love. Just like your true love, diamonds are known to take your breath away. Known to be a strong gem, diamonds are the best bet for your bond to get stronger over a lifetime.

They are natural beauty that can prove to be a special valentine gift for your better half. The significance of love only gets further enhanced by your love story with diamond jewelry, adding a personal touch to your memories, and stories to enjoy for generations to come. As the Greeks believe that Cupid – the god of desire, affective and sensual love had arrows with diamond tips to draw two hearts closer and declare their eternal love.

So, make your valentine moments special with Tanishq diamond jewelry which ranges from diamond rings to diamond earrings to diamond sets, all just created to match different aspects of your love story. 

·       To let the magical moment of your new love last forever, an elegant diamond ring can be a perfect gift to start your beautiful love story. 

·       As a newly wedded couple, who have taken fresh vows to be together forever, what better way than to celebrate this special occasion with diamond solitaires. Let the diamond be as unique and rock-solid as your love for your husband/wife. 

·       As you celebrate milestones in your life, as you witness the evolution of your love and create long-lasting memories, strengthen your eternal bond with diamond jewelry, crafted with precision by our master craftsmen, making each diamond jewelry symbolize your eternal love. 

·       To keep the spark of love shining under the humdrum of daily life, gift each other surprises like a diamond bracelet. 

·       As you enjoy a special valentine evening, seize the moment with exquisitely crafted diamond necklace or a diamond-studded watch, to share a few delightful and unique collections by Tanishq. 

Every love story has its own memories. Why not make this valentine more special by adding a diamond to your love story? They say it is easy to fall in love but difficult to maintain. A piece of diamond jewelry will help you remember the small joys of your relationship that form the core of your love story. 

Resonate your love story and celebrate it, with the sparkle of eternal love with Tanishq diamond jewelry!! 


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