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Customisation Ideas to Add to Your Jewellery Pieces

Necklaces, bracelets, and rings—these jewellery pieces can add elegance and flair to any outfit. There are many reasons why you may want to get jewellery, but for many, it has to do with enhancing their charm and appeal. Without a doubt, many can attest that wearing accessories gives them a sense of confidence and makes them feel good. To others, jewellery can also be a valuable asset and investment due to its demand and value.

With jewellery manufacturers coming up with countless designs and styles today, it has become more challenging to choose what pieces to get. There is no specific method to select your jewellery since this depends on your type and preference. However, if you are struggling to find something that suits your needs, you can opt for customisation instead.

Customising your jewellery allows you to add a personal touch to express yourself and make the piece more meaningful. To give you more inspiration, here are some ideas for your customised jewellery.


Birthstone jewellery has grown more popular in the past few years as many see the appeal in giving them as gifts. Rings are made with birthstone as the main stone in the crown, while earrings use birthstones for the studs. Necklaces are another common variant with the birthstone attached to a pendant or charm. If you prefer to have the birthstones as a more subtle personalisation, you can also have them as side stones instead of the centrepiece.

Initial Necklaces

The initial necklace is another classic gift idea for those looking for something personalised to give. The most basic design will consist of a chain and a pendant with the initials of the wearer’s name, but jewellery manufacturers may also show you more designs. For example, you can decide on the letter’s font, the metal that will be used, the chain’s length and any additional elements you want.

Engraved Rings

Engraving is one of the most popular customisations done in jewellery pieces, and it is often done in rings. If you want to make yours more meaningful by adding your initials, a particular date, or a special word, you can have it engraved inside or outside the ring. If you have it inside, you can not see the engraving when wearing it, but it still adds a special touch to make it more personal!


Lockets are symbolic of something you hold dear and treasure. If you want to customise your jewellery for the sentiment, these are the perfect pieces to work with. Start by choosing the material that you want for the locket, followed by the shape. Circle, heart, and oval are some of the most common locket shapes, but there are a lot of shapes. You can keep it plain and simple or take it up a notch in terms of design and have intricate details such as filigree or something similar.

Naturally, the level of customisation you can make will ultimately depend on the jewellery designer that you work with. Likewise, you can expect that the more design flexibility you have, the higher the costs will likely be. If you have something extremely specific in mind, it will be best to start from scratch to ensure you have control over every aspect of the piece!

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