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Here are a Few Things You Should Remember When Buying Vintage Clothes

When it comes to costs of fashionable clothing, one thing is obvious that designer clothing bears a premium tag and with that comes a high price particularly when it is a limited edition piece. When it comes to vintage 1970s fashion, the cost is determined is based on the era it belongs to, quality of the piece and the rarity of its status. Know that not every vintage clothes are costly, but they won’t be available in the pristine condition as well. Buying vintage clothing is also an ecofriendly way if you are a conscious consumer. But if you are still unsure of buying them, worry not. This article covers a few tips that may answer your questions. Have a look below.

  1. Sometimes, you may need to bid on the antique pieces, here’s how to do it

When it comes to bidding, never go for the highest bidding at first. Wait for a minute if it goes down or you can raise it. You can also use services like Auction Sniper and always seek the ‘buy now’ option if you are sure to buy the piece. But know that winning a bid is not guaranteed even if you are sniping.

  1. On maintaining a pre-owned garment or accessory

Always keep them away from sun and heat and never keep in them in a crowded closet. The racks must always be neat and manageable and never jumbled or weighed down. Always wash the clothes by hand if possible because the harsh chemicals from the dry cleaning may ruin the fabrics as the time passes by.

  1. Common mistakes to avoid

Never overthink when it comes to buying a piece of vintage that has stolen your heart. You will be very disappointed if someone else buys it. When buying online, make sure you have your measurements accurate and handy before you order anything.

  1. Ensuring that you have an authentic piece of vintage

Authentic 70s vintage clothes must at least be 10 to 15 years old. For newbies, check if the dresses, skirts and blazers have a lining. Before the 60s, zippers were always made of metal, never plastic. Ensure that the label is stitched to the clothing and not stuck on. Do some research on the fashion labels and their eras too. The fabric used for making the vintage clothing must have a natural texture and never polyester.

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