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Here’s How To Create A Minimalist Wardrobe

A minimalist lifestyle is popular not only for saving lots of space but also because of the convenience it offers. Originally adopted by busy professionals to keep stress to minimum levels and live with more awareness and intention, minimalism is also beginning to make the rounds in the realm of fashion. And, while putting the words minimalist and fashion side by side sounds paradoxical as muting the loud and expressive nature of fashion sounds impossible, it is true.

To repeat the same piece in a cartoon character-like manner is increasingly becoming acceptable. Overall, the extravagant fashion industry is evolving toward becoming more receptive to plainness and injecting function into style. It is also gearing toward sustainability, wherein they strive to source materials that can be recycled, proving the term ‘fast fashion’ archaic and even frowned upon.

Minimalism all goes to a great cause, but many people struggle with it, saying they can’t let go of a certain statement jacket or a pair of trousers for their price or sentimental value. But, it’s never too late to start going minimal with your wardrobe. Anyone who’s been through it can attest to how tough it is initially but couldn’t give themselves more credit for doing so and making life less complicated and their thoughts less cluttered. Here’s how you can too:

Clean Out Your Closet

First, you have to come to terms with the fact that you own too many. Your closet is about to burst due to being so packed, so packed with items you know you won’t use. You know you need to get rid of these pieces, sort them into donate, sell, and discard piles. You can also dedicate a pile for for-repair items like clothes that can still be salvaged by sewing or jewelry that can be sent for restoration in a shop.

Discover Your Style 

Think of that shirt, piercing studs, or short pants that are just right up your alley for the fit that makes you feel good when it’s on. Or that graphic tee, cap, knit, and sunglasses that scream ‘you’ and you know you won’t stop flaunting it any soon? Try to narrow down your selection to these criteria and find out those that are worth keeping.

Be more thorough in discovering your unique style by working around your preferred color palettes or even a single color. If you’re not sure what colors match you, consider those that complement your skin tone. We swear you’ll save lots of time deciding what to wear when you have to go out.

Care for Your Clothing & Accessories

Shopping for new clothes gets tempting when you grow bored of your old ones or discouraged from wearing them due to minor damage or stains. Rather than buying new clothes and accessories on impulse to satiate yourself, care for what you already have like they’re your most prized possessions. This is one way you can actively break that impulsive buying spell.

For clothes, always heed the washing instructions as indicated on the tab sewn inside them. Acknowledge that minor damages can be repaired with a little time, effort, and, of course, minimal to no costs. Keep a sewing kit in handy and see online tutorials on DIY stain removal.

On the other hand, maintaining fancy accessories could be tricky. Unlike those made of authentic gold and silver that don’t tarnish and which you’d rather keep for their lasting value, fancy earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets should be kept from any moist environment. That means you should remove them when you’re applying beauty products, washing dishes, doing laundry, or swimming. It’s also best if you don’t clean them with jewelry cleaner as, if anything, the cleaner works against them.

Shop for Quality

About breaking the impulsive shopping spell and succumbing every time to attractive sales, put quality as your top criteria when shopping instead. Learn to distinguish feelings of want and need and buy that item only when it contributes to how you function daily and, better, if not in the same way your other clothes already do. Also, shop for durability and not just to look good.

Minimalism teaches us to think of our character as being above the way we dress. Your value as a person is not determined by how well you style yourself and, more not so, by the sum of money you spend on your things. Be more at peace with the real you that’s not defined by worldly concepts.

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