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How Do You Maintain an Expensive Watch?

Lovers of watches understand that luxury watches are beyond fashion but of significant value. Not only do they show class and prestige, but they also display a timeless fashion sense.

Hence, it is essential to consider them carefully by applying the right maintenance measures.

Effective Ways to Maintain Your Luxury Watch

Maintaining a customized watch like Seiko Mod doesn’t require so much. Here are some tips on taking care of your expensive watch.

Understand the water resistance of your watch

All watch wearers need to know about their watches and the features that come with them. Taking your watch snorkeling is not advisable if it is not up to 45 – 55 meters. The quick change in strain and splashes from water might be too much for your watch to deal with. Even if your watch isn’t waterproof, it can still withstand a few drops of water. But it’s better not to.

In case your watch has a leather strap, you will need to not get your watch wet since water can destroy the leather bands. Therefore, becoming familiar with your watch’s water resistance is necessary.

Dust and humidity are not good for watches.

Humidity brings moisture, which damages watch components. This can lead to rust and harm dials and mechanisms. Some watches are waterproof or water-resistant, but not all of them are. Regardless of whether they are waterproof or safe, watches ought not to be exposed to dampness for an extensive period of time.

Dust can clog a watch’s internals, rendering it useless. Dust can also attract dirt, which, if mixed with dampness, could spell disaster for a watch. For the health of your watch, avoid such circumstances when using it every day and securely storing it.

Store your watch well

When you aren’t wearing your luxury watch, it’s essential to store it flawlessly. Don’t set the watch on its side or face down, as this might damage the crystal or even harm the crown. Instead, store it in the original box it came with or buy a luxury watch case to keep it safe alongside your other watches.


You can maintain your luxury watch in just a few ways. The storage and its exposures are important – keep off dust and humidity.

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