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How to Make Your Style Look Cool and Trendy

Choosing the best clothes is important if you want to look good and stand out in the crowd. However, apart from clothes, there are a lot of accessories that you can add to your clothes to make your style look more elegant.

However, not many of us are familiar with the right way to dress. So here are a few tips that will help you make your dress look more cool and trendy.

Choosing The Right Clothes

To make you look stylish, you must choose the right clothes for yourself. Wearing clothes that compliments your shape effortlessly makes you feel good. You need to get yourself well-fitting clothes in order to make you look elegant and trendy. One should also be clear on how they want to present themselves. If you want to go for formal wear, choose a coat over neutral colored tops, and if you want to look cool and casual, you can wear anime t-shirts paired with denim jeans.

Wear clothes which have soft fabric with ribbed knit, beautiful prints, and perfect shades that suit your skin complexion. Ensure that you try to balance the proportion of your overall outfit. Balancing proportion is the oldest trick to create an attractive look.

Prefer Neutral Colours

You must have an idea of the latest trendy fashion and how wearing hideous colors always spoil your look. So choose the shade of color which enhances your look and makes you cool. Always opt for neutral and muted colors, as they will suit your bold look. Whether it is your dress, bag, or shoes, you must try a neutral pattern with mixed prints in order to spice up the overall outlook of your attire.

Try not to wear accessories of the same shades as it may look dull; instead, you should start with a subtle look and mix it with textures and use one or two accessories of the same shades. Choosing one base color and mixing it with a different neutral shade of shoes and handbags will surely make you look cool and trendy.

Select Your Outfit According To The Occasion

Looking stylish on every occasion is a difficult task for many people. Most people are not good at matching the color of their outfits with the occasion, and thus they end up overdressing at parties. To prevent doing such things, you must take your dressing style in a simple way and not overdo it.

Just decide on one dress on the basis of occasion. If it is a marriage party, go for a little fancy dress and if it is the usual birthday party, try some subtle-looking clothes and mix it elegantly with scarfs and best-suited sunglasses. If you are going to any professional meetings, do not wear long gowns; instead, try some cocktail dresses.

Make Your Hair Look Stylish

Hair is the most important thing that you should always try to keep in perfect shape. When you dress elegantly and make your outfit look dashing, shabby hair will make it all look dull.

So, give more emphasis on your hairstyle. If you have curly hair, try some tousled hair look, and if you have straight hair, try to make a pony, or it’s better to tie some part of your hair with a fancy clutch. You can also use hairspray to settle your hair for a long time and make it look shinier.

You must avoid using different colors on your hair; keep it more natural in order to create an aesthetic look. Do not pin your hair with a large number of clips and colorful bands, as it will make your hair look like a garden, and surely, it will be seen as a funny look.  So to avoid such a situation, keep your hair color natural and ornate it with stylish hairstyles. Moreover, you should always try to match your hair with your outfit.

Try Belts On Your Outfit

Looking stylish, cool, and trendy is all about being creative with accessories and dresses. If you have a dress which is a little outdated and you are planning to wear it, then why not add some extra spice to your dull clothes with stylish belts.

There are many ways to wear belts; you can wear them with cocktail dresses, oversized dresses, or even with blazers. But ensure that the type of belt that you are using compliments your style and is of the right size to make you feel comfortable in your outfit.


Using all the aforementioned tips, you can easily make your style look cool and trendy. Remember to use neutral colours in your dresses, and add accessories of neutral shades to it. Along with this, always choose your outfit according to the occasion. And ornament that style with a cool hairstyle, and a belt that goes with your outfit.

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