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How to monetize your Beauty and Lifestyle blog

You have had your beauty and lifestyle blog for a while now, and seemingly, you’re getting a significant following. You must begin to think of how you can make money through it. Do you know there are bloggers like you who are earning their living through full-time blogging?

You, too, can make money if you adopt the right strategies to monetize the blog. The focus here should be selling your beauty and lifestyle products among other things.

What’s A Lifestyle Blog?

It’s a website updated frequently with information to live a better life.

Read and learn several ways to make your beauty blog an income-generating channel.

Ads and Affiliate Marketing

When you open a website, you see ads on the side, in between or below; those are the Display ads. They are the most straightforward form of marketing because the ad company manages them. You’ve your beauty and lifestyle blog, and you apply to an ad company, they will approve, and then you get a code to put on your site so that you run the ads. They will be sending you money monthly, and you’re in business.

The most popular ad network is, and the reason for its popularity is that it allows websites and blogs with low traffic on its platform. They do that because their pay is low.

If you want to make good money with ads, you have to build up your traffic so that you appeal to ad companies that pay handsomely, like Mediavine or Adthrive.

Affiliate Marketing

This is another easy way to start making money on a lifestyle blog. It’s simple; you recommend a product or service on your blog using a unique link, and if a reader buys a product from the company through your link, you get a commission. You’re paid for both purchases and referrals.

That will require you to push your campaigns for more traffic- the more the traffic that reads the post, the more money you make- it’s your effort and strategy that counts.

Collaborations and Sponsored Posts

Collaborations and sponsored posts are great ways of making money with blogs. Previously, this strategy was limited to bloggers with a big following, but now even micro-influencers have a great opportunity in it.

That means even if you have a small following on your blog or social media and you’re not getting traffic as such, you still make money with the sponsored posts. You can use networks like RewardStyle and MassiveWay. The networks pair influencers with brands, and therefore, you don’t have to move out and do the leg work yourself.

Selling Products

This is one of the best ways of making money through your beauty and lifestyle blog. Once you’ve created the product like an e-book, guide, or any other, you’ll keep earning passive income for as long as the product is relevant. You don’t have to worry about shipping, handling, or running out of stock. It’s such a fantastic strategy for monetizing your blog.

You can also sell physical products like creams, lotions, masks and such that you offer in your business

If you have a beauty and lifestyle blog, you can make some good money with it. You only need to employ the right strategies, and there you go- cash comes your way.

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