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How to Properly Wear a Suit 

Every man wants to look sharp when they are wearing a suit. However, not everybody can look good in a suit, and it is not because of the body shape. A suit can look good on any body type just as long as you know what type of suit to wear. Here are some tips to wear men’s suits properly to make you look sharp.

Prioritise Your Shoulder Fit. The most challenging areas to custom fit with a suit are the shoulders. So, when shopping for a suit off the rack, it is important to check the fit on your shoulders. If the suit produces a divot at the shoulder areas, that suit is not a perfect fit for you. Once the shoulder fits perfectly, your tailor can adjust the different areas of your suit, such as the width and the length.

Have Your Suit Tailor-Made. A sure way of making your suit look sharp is to invest in having one tailor-made for your body. Having a suit made from your exact measurements will ensure that it will fit your body properly. Likewise, having a suit tailor-made will enable you to enhance the proportions of your body. However, if you do not have the budget for a fully tailored suit, you can buy a suit off the rack and have the sleeves and pants tailor-made to your measurements.

Include Dress Shirt, Belt, and Shoes. When you are investing in a suit, including a high-quality dress shirt, belt, and shoes with your purchase. Cheap dress shirts can ruin your whole look, even if you have an expensive suit over it. Likewise, an expensive suit will not make you look sharp if you are wearing poor quality shoes.

Wear Body-Hugging Undershirts. It is also important to protect your suit from getting stains both externally and internally. External stains may be coming from drinks, inks, and food sauces that may end up on your suit if you are not careful. On the other hand, your suit or dress shirt may also get stained internally by your sweat. It is, therefore important, to protect them by wearing a body-hugging undershirt. Undershirts will make sure that your dress shirt will not get ruined by underarm sweat marks.

Rules in Wearing Ties. When you need to wear a tie, choose a tie with a darker colour than your dress shirt. Likewise, make sure that the colour of your tie will not clash with your shirt’s colour or is too loud. When wearing a tie, you will also look sharp if you can perfect the tie dimple or divot. The best way to achieve this divot is to use wide and thick silk or cashmere ties.

Your Shoes and Belt Should Match. It is a must that your shoes and belt should match. If you are wearing brown leather shoes, you must pair it with a brown leather belt. It is a bonus if your belt and shoes are made of the same material. For suits, your belt must be made up of leather and must be narrow. Wider belts are more for the casual look.

Your Jacket Must Have a Snug Fit. Your suit jacket should have a snug fit. You can check the fit of your jacket by placing your hand between your chest and your buttoned-up jacket. If your hand can freely move, then your jacket size is too big.

Owning one or more men’s suits is the easy part. Wearing your suits to perfection must be your goal at every occasion. With these seven tips, you are on your way to becoming the sharpest guy in the block.

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