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Luxury Italian Leather Bags. Fashion trends in Italy

Italy is the country of fashion. Our state is a source of inspiration for everyone and there are many nations that aspire to fill the same role in the sector. Fans are constantly updated on the latest Italian fashion trends and fashion addicts always renew their wardrobe with trendy clothing.

2022 is full of new Italian trends, launched by the main Italian luxury fashion brands. First of all Versace, which in the last show presented dresses with slits, plunging necklines, chain mail and latex.

And then there is Gucci, who opts for transparent lace minidresses, latex bustiers, nets, suspenders and plays with sensual accessories. Finally, Prada which focuses on corsetry and uses materials such as wool.

The latest trends also see luxury bags for women as protagonists, in particular the exclusive handmade handbags, which are not lacking in any collection of these Italian brands and many others.

How to dress like an italian woman over 30

If you are a woman who is just over 30, you may be wondering if there are outfits that are more suitable for your age than the ones you used when you were still 20.

Of course this is the case, because 30 is a transitional age in which one gives in to a more serious style of clothing, even if not as formal as that of 40.

Italian women know this well and that is why many want to change their look when they are 30 years old and want to do it while keeping up with the latest trends.

The outfit of a woman over 30 can change, but what remains are the handmade design leather bags, must have at any age and season of the year.

Here are the best luxury bag brands whose bags you can buy, if you really want to dress like an Italian woman over 30.

The first brand that we offer you is Michael Kors, who, even if he is not Italian, is much loved by women over 30 who populate our country. The new collection of Michael Kors bags designed for 2022 is inspired by an urban chic style and boasts canvases with logo print and metal details, chain handles and 3D studs, with the aim of giving a contemporary and youthful touch to each model .

Absolutely not to be missed are the Armani bags, full of details and novelties. The bags in the Armani 2022 collection refer to a vintage aesthetic and boast materials such as velvet and textures such as two-tone. Armani wishes to recall the concept of the bag as a jewel and thus transforms its accessories into small chests with a contemporary soul.

Luxury Hand Painted Bags

There are women who are not satisfied and who want to dare by showing off luxury hand painted bags. When we talk about luxury hand painted bags we are referring to accessories that are hand painted by professional artists specialized in the hand painting of works of art.

These are not just any artists, but professionals able to express their creativity by enhancing luxury items.

These professionals have years of experience behind them during which they have satisfied the wishes of the most demanding customers.

Taking advantage of the talent of these expert artists, it is possible to let yourself be conquered by the works painted on bags such as those of Bulgari, Louis Vuitton or Karl Lagerfeld.

Women who love luxury hand painted bags are proud to show off such exclusive and above all unique accessories, created especially for them with the aim of enhancing them in every detail.

A bag of this type can only complete a luxury outfit at any time of the year. The important thing is to make use of experts who are able to give value and uniqueness to what is already precious in itself.

Handmade Bag by Craftsmen

Another trend for woman that has come back into vogue in recent years is to reuse the handmade bags by craftsmen, accessorizes made by craftsmen, as artisian Federico Price that produces luxury italian leather bags unique designs for each individual customer.

The handmade goes beyond every concept of painted bag and returns to the original one of a unique and unrepeatable product.

In 2022 more and more Italian women and not only love to show off their handmade bags, because they go towards the concept of environmental sustainability and break down that of fast fashion.

The new sensitivity leads us to restore old practices such as those of handmade that have never gone so well as now.

There are currently numerous brands such as Noiranca or Federico Price that have borrowed the sartorial legacy of the oldest artisans to be incorporated into every bag they produce.

The materials used are usually eco-sustainable and vegan to promote the circular economy and reduce waste, issues to which fashion is becoming increasingly sensitive.

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