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Potential Warning Signs of a Slab Leak

You might have experienced leaks at one point in your home. While some people might think that leaks only happen to negligent people, they can also occur to diligent homeowners. Fortunately, many of the most common leaks happen in relatively easy-to-reach areas, such as in the toilet, shower, or below the sink.

These leaks are often easy to spot and correct, even without seeking professional help. Nevertheless, some leaks can occur where they are hard to detect and fix. For instance, if a house slab’s foundation starts to leak, most homeowners will not notice the issue for an extended period. The broken pipe allows water to penetrate through the home’s foundation and into the ground. Thus, this will erode the solid around the slab while causing damage.

Since slab leaks can cause even irreversible damage, especially when they happen for an extended period, it is best to acquire professional assistance. Hendrick &Young plumbing provides the best plumbers for slab leak repair in Chino Hills. Do not hesitate to contact them if you notice anything unusual with your slab. While we might overlook some of them, here are some potential warning signs of a slab leak.

Foundation Heaving

Your foundation slab can actually lift your home slightly if it experiences swelling to an extreme degree. This swelling and lifting are referred to as heaving. You must seek professional assistance if your home has undergone heaving following a leak under the foundation slab. A significant and sudden shift in a building’s foundation can result in severe or irreparable damage. Usually, this damage will manifest as cracks on the exterior and interior walls and the slab itself.

Warm Spots on The Floor

You may detect some abnormally warm spots on your floor if the hot water line in your house leaks. It can be pretty easy to detect such issues if you have a thin linoleum floor or a carpeted floor. However, it might not be easy to see unusual warm spots if your floor entails hardwood or tiles. In such instances, the warning signs will damage the hardwood or floor. However, you might see this after a very long period.

Increased Water Bill

Obviously, you have an average amount of money you spend on water bills. It could be a warning sign if you notice a sudden spike in your water bill without an increase in family water use or essential cost of service. This should allow you to critically inspect your slab for any leaks.

Raised Floor Dome

When a leak lasts for an extended period and is severe, you will likely see damage to your flooring. This usually takes the form of warps in the floor’s shape. Also, the floor will tend to have a raised area of form domes. Domes generally form immediately above the leak spot, thus making it easy to locate the leak spot. If you find a dome in your home, the leak has likely caused severe damage to your home’s foundation.

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