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Protect Your Employees by Getting Them Quality Workwear and Gear

Safety at the workplace is vital to workers, families, and companies. Some accidents at the workplace are preventable. By having the right gear, some of these life-threatening injuries can be significantly reduced.

Work-related injuries cause workers to lose days off work; this creates a burden for them and the company. By buying workers gear and clothing from reputable dealers like the workwear hub, employers can cut down on insurance premiums and citations for failure to follow safety regulations.

Workplace Injury Figures

According to Safe Work Australia, between the 2014 and 2015 financial year, there were approximately 107,355 serious injury claims lodged. These injuries continue to be a thorn in most companies’ flesh, but the good news is steps are being taken to remedy the situation.

Benefits To The Companies

By enforcing a strict gear and safety policy at work, companies can limit their liability. Proper corporate workwear helps boost the firm’s public image. If your workers spend time outside the office in harsh and challenging environments, provide them with clothing that offers ample protection.

This includes protection for their head, torso, legs, hands, face, and feet. First impressions are always important and tend to last the longest. Any visiting clients- both potential and current clients- will surely be pleased by the company’s adherence to protocol.

From an employee’s point of view, they will be more than happy to devote their time and effort to a company that cares about their welfare. This, in turn, will help build trust and loyalty, which saves the firm money which would have otherwise been spent recruiting and onboarding new staff.

How To Pick The Right Gear

Here are a couple of things to consider while picking the right gear from the workwear hub for your employees:

  • Type Of work

The type of gear you purchase heavily depends on the nature of work. For instance, reflective attire is ideal for environments that are poorly lit. Gloves and thick coats are suitable for cold and chilly environments.

  • Potential hazards

Take time to analyse the potential hazards at the workplace, then pick the gear suited to reduce damage resulting from any incidents. For instance, get workers in mines high-quality face masks and eyewear.

  • Comfort

As much as safety is essential, workers’ gear needs to be comfortable to use. If the workwear is tight and restrictive, chances are the employees will refrain from using them. This means that from time to time, you may need to adjust the employee’s clothing accordingly.

  • Value for money

Workwear value comes from high-quality clothing at a fair price. Top-notch gear is made from the best materials, with keen attention to detail as well as industry regulations. Top brands- like those featured on the workwear hub- are some of the best and come with a reasonable price tag.

In the end, any company worth its salt won’t spare a dime when it comes to protecting employees. Proper gear is an investment that will pay for itself while reducing headaches for employees and the firm alike.

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