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Psssst! Here’s How You Can Blend Your Makeup With Your Glasses

If you’re going on holiday and still want to look good with your glasses on, then you’re in luck. Our makeup artist at OptoPlus has come to the rescue with two easy-breezy holiday looks. Whether you wear glasses for your short-sighted or long-sightedness, your eyes are the best features on your face, and you don’t want your glasses getting in the way.

If you wear makeup regularly, you may be wondering how much you should apply and how to use it in a way that will make your face and your glasses more noticeable. Well, we did our research for you and found a few tips and tricks on how to ensure that your makeup blends well with your glasses. Here they are.

  1. Take Your Time to Blend

If you’re wearing prescription lenses, then they have to potentially magnify anything that’s on their field of vision. Therefore, you should take your time to blend when applying your makeup. If you do not get rid of any harsh lines, mistakes will be more visible behind your eyewear.

Just in case you may not see clearly without your glasses on but would still like to apply your makeup, don’t fret. All you need to do is to buy cheap magnifying glasses that will help you to use your makeup flawlessly.

  1. Take Into Account the Thickness of Your Glasses

If your frames are very thin and have a neutral color, then you can play around with your makeup and create colorful and bold looks. However, the reverse applies if your eyewear has thick and very bright frames.

Stay away from dramatic makeup and choose a simple and elegant look. Your most essential makeup products, in this case, should be items such as mascara and black eyeliner. If you do decide to wear any eye shadow, stick only to the neutral shades.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing glasses that don’t have any rims, by all means, go for the drama. You can also get away with dark eyeliner that is smudges and bold shades of eye shadow.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Concealer

As we mentioned before, your glasses will tend to magnify any mistakes. Other than harsh lines, under-eye circles will most likely be noticeable if you do not use concealer. Therefore, ensure you use a high-quality concealer for your under-eyes and blend it out well.

  1. Less Is More

Don’t overdo your makeup because- your glasses will magnify it. You want to use only the smallest amount of makeup possible.

  1. Go For A Matte Look

We know, everyone is talking about a dewy look. However, you need to trust us when it comes to makeup with your glasses. It would be best if you went with a matte look because your glasses are going to be in competition with any dewy look that you’ve got on.

You don’t want your face to look like it’s a metallic plate. Additionally, metallic makeup tends to flake, and that will not create a pretty look with your glasses on.

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