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Rich Warm Brown Hair Color

Is your once brown hair getting gray? There’s nothing wrong with having a hair touch-up. Tired of your current hair color? With the ongoing pandemic, things can get boring at home. It’s tempting to change something about your appearances like a new haircut or hair color. Keep your hair color rich and brown with color kits you can use at home. Color kits can save you those expensive trips to the salon. Luckily, if you want to color your hair at home, you can!

There is an assortment of home hair coloring kits you can purchase. Madison Reed sits between cheap box dye and costly salon trips. Why visit hair salons when you can rely on quality home hair coloring kits. Good quality color kits should be simple enough to use with total confidence. It should be versatile enough to be used for different hair reasons.

If you’re a beginner and you don’t want to take any risks by blindly purchasing hair dyes, Madison Reed has a hair quiz you can take. It asks very specific questions about your hair type, hair color, hair problems, skin tone, and eye color. After that, it recommends at least two hair colors. You can also consult a colorist virtually. The color kits are free from any irritants like SLS, parabens, and phthalates that are harsh on the skin. It also conditions hair because it’s packed with argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root extract that keeps the hair healthy.

Dying hair is a fun experience because it really changes your persona. Enrich and lock in your hair color of choice. If your hair has a cooler tint and you want to warm it up, Madison Reed offers a variety of rich warm brown hair colors. Different tones compliment your skin tone and eye color. You need to understand how dark or how light you want to go.

Here’s a list of rich warm brown hair colors to choose from:

  • Venezia Brown – dark golden brown
  • Modena Brown – medium brown for resistant gray hair
  • Catania Brown – dark cinnamon brown
  • Milano Brown – dark chocolate brown
  • Napoli Brown – dark golden brown
  • Verona Brown – medium chocolate brown
  • Tuscany Brown – medium golden brown
  • Firenze Brown – medium cinnamon brown
  • Lucca Light Brown – light golden brown
  • Como Light Brown – light amber golden brown

Dye your roots and achieve a glossy look. Madison Reed’s hair dyes are multi-tonal and it prevents your hair from looking flat. Touch-up your roots with these different warm browns. It covers up the grey areas very well. It’s very vibrant and rich under the sun. Find a warm tone that you can leave on your roots for 40 minutes.

All of these hair dyes provide good gray coverage. Choosing one completely depends on your preference and hair type. Since warmth is the key factor here, try to choose warm colors with golden tones like cinnamon, amber, and chocolate. Since you want a warmer color, try to avoid neutral and cool undertones.

Ultimately, these are some things to remember before you do any home hair coloring.

  1. Find the right shade of warm brown through Madison Reed’s hair quiz or contact their professional colorists.
  2. For touch-ups, use the same shade of coloring to protect the ends of your hair from becoming too dark.
  3. Find trustworthy instructions on how to properly color your hair if you opt to go for a lighter or darker brown. Madison Reed offers free downloadable instructions on their website.
  4. Make your gorgeous new warm brown hair color last with Madison Reed’s Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner. It can also nourish your hair.

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