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Tshirts are that one item that doesn’t lack in everyone’s closet. They are the perfect go-to if you are looking for a low-key vibe, and you can dress them up to bring out different cute styles. The best thing about T-shirts is that you don’t have to deal with hooks and button-ups, all you need is to slide it over your head, and you are good to go. Again, they are easily accessible and cheap. T-shirts are always on sale, and they are durable. Here are our simple but cute ways to style your graphic tees.

With a pair of jeans

The easiest and yet stylish way of styling your Steel City T-shirt is by pairing it up with a pair of jeans. This applies to both ladies and gentlemen. All you require is a pair of jeans, a belt and wear your shirt. You can choose to tuck in or untuck, depending on your comfort.

With a blazer and pants

You can also style up a t-shirt to come out with an official casual look.  A t-shirt with pants or shorts might be too casual depending on where you are going but throwing in a blazer makes it more official.

A matching set

If you love matchy pieces, then it becomes easy to style your graphic tees. Look for some matching pants, even if they only compliment the graphics on the shirt and a coordinating blazer. Then you can belt up and add in a pair of chunky sneakers and sunnies on your way out.

With a pleated skirt and mules

Another way to style up a shirt and look sophisticated is to pair it up with a pleated skirt and mules. Ensure you tuck in the shirt or tie a knot on the side at the waist. Then wear a pair of mules, and you are good to go.

With palazzo pants

Palazzo pants bring out an effortless casual look and make you look chic with only a little effort. Fortunately, they pair up nicely with a graphic teeshirt. Like with a pleated skirt, tuck the shirt in or tie a small knot in the waist, then wear your flat sandals. Grab some sunnies and a chic sling bag to complete the look.

With a bold suit

You can grab all the attention by wearing a bold suit and white tee underneath. If you want to make it even more trendy, go with a perfect pair of sneakers or heels, depending on the occasion. Bold colors such as red, pink, orange, and yellow are suitable to achieve this look.

As a dress

Depending on where you are heading, you can wear your oversized shirt as a dress. Pair it up with leggings, fishnet tights, or booty shorts. With leggings or fishnet, add a pair of nice boots, and you will grab everyone’s eye. With booty shorts, you can add a pair of thigh-length boots, heels, or sneakers, and you are as fashionable as possible.

The final words

Tshirts are versatile and never get outdated. All you should do is style them up, and you are good to go.

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