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In this digital age, kids are becoming experts at handling technology and technological devices. Their understanding is sometimes more advanced than their parents or other adults in their lives. This advancement is because of the massive amount of time on gadgets and their enormous exposure to various technologies. While this is an excellent opportunity to make them future-ready, it does hinder their development in many ways. Childhood is when most of the physical developments occur; the activities children indulge in play a decisive role in how a child’s abilities develop. For example, children involved in drawing and other artistic activities develop advanced fine motor skills. This development helps them in performing intricate activities that require precision and attention to detail.

Similarly, children who have higher exposure to the outdoors develop essential survival skills that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Therefore, children need to indulge in at least one regular outdoor activity. Children will immediately take to outdoor activities because it triggers their naturally curious mind and explorative tendencies. Several companies and brands in and around Australia are dedicated to bringing a safe yet transformative outdoor experience for children. Camping, Skiing, Surfing, etc., are some of the various outdoor activities available for children aged five and up. Encouraging children to participate in these activities or even gifting them kids outdoor clothing is an excellent way to instil the adventure urge in children.


While exploring the outdoors can be tremendous fun, parents and caretakers must also exercise maximum caution. Kids tend to find any new experience fascinating and may get carried off. They are also unaware of the possible dangers the outdoors can pose, so they must wear a proper outfit and carry the right accessories.


Camping is an extensively rewarding and fun activity for both kids and adults. It is a great way to teach children fundamental skills like organization, group interaction and sharing. Camping also provides an opportunity for kids to learn about flora and fauna and the environment in which they live. But camping outdoors requires maximum safety, so kids must have the required gear for camping and protective apparel. Children should have gloves, protective and waterproof pants and a coat to protect them from the elements. Additionally, headgear like hats and beanies are also a good option.

Beach Activities

The Australian coast is studded with magnificent beaches that offer beautiful vistas and a range of fun activities. Building sandcastles, going surfing or swimming are some of the fun activities kids can indulge in, and it also helps in their developmental processes. For example, building sandcastles helps children develop their gross motor skills. When going to the beach, children should have proper sun protection and apparel, like hats, beach shorts etc.


While hiking is a labour-intensive activity, specific hiking trails are specially designed for beginners and are perfect for children to try out. Hiking allows children to explore the area while exercising their muscles. Hiking also requires protective gear like shoes, hats and sun protection. Children equipped with these protective gear can have maximum fun with limited chances of bruising, sunburn or other accidents.


There are many ski resorts and parks where children can experience snow. Skiing gives the rush of a ride in a theme park while ensuring safety. Though ski parks usually create snowy conditions, the cool temperatures are just as intense. Children should have the right kids outdoor clothing for skiing like masks, caps, gloves, jackets and bottoms.

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