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The legal advantages of civil marriage

A marriage is a beautiful bonding between two persons—a promise to live together forever. Not any couple wants that there should be any hindrance in their married life. Therefore, civil marriage is essential. The civil weddings provide lovers with the legal authority to live together- mariage civil is a legitimate consignment, that involves signing a legal paper or documents, by a couple. There are some benefits of the same as described below:

Duty of support

If you are legally married, you can provide the support and care that you want to give to your partner. The legal signing of documents binds the couple to live together and support each other. You and your partner become responsible for each other.

Maintenance after death

If one of the spouses dies, the other spouse can claim the spousal maintenance. This maintenance may help the living partner to survive. If the partners are bounded legally, they can legitimately claim for the money or property of their spouse.


Civil marriages provide the legal authority to claim for the property of the spouse. The property is inherited automatically by the spouse if they are legally married.

Termination of the relationship

If the couple divorces, the relationship gets terminated. Then the entitled portion of the property is divided according to the regime between both. Living with your partner does not provide you with marital status. An unmarried couple can be seen as partners, not as a legally married couple. They are considered as a lawfully married couple if they have signed a recognized legal agreement. Without civil marriage, the spouse can not claim for any property.

Disclosure of current financial status

When you get an officiant and decided to get married, your partner and you have to disclose all the assets and property that you both have individually obtained. The civil marriage documents must be attached to the balance sheet of the assets. There should be mentioned that, during the termination of the relationship, both partners get equal rights in the property.

Division of living expenses

The partners that live together legally can divide the living expenses. There can be disputes regarding the living expenses among the panthers, though there can be disputes between spouses too, yet the results vary. The couples having civil marriage can solve the conflict legally, yet there is no chance of getting solved for partners who are just living together.

Joint properties

If the partners have bought any properties together before marriage, then this must be included in the agreement. The joint features deed will help the partners to get equal rights in the property if there is a termination of the relationship.

Separate properties

If the partners have bought any property individually, this should be mentioned clearly in the deed. So that, after termination, there can not be any disputes regarding the same.

These benefits of civil marriages are worth noting. Also, once you are aware of these,  you will understand why couples are opting for it.

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