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The Perfect Jewellery for Your Perfect Bridal Gown: A Match Made in Heaven

Decorated pews, a flowery arch, rows of smiling and tearful people, your person at the altar all add up to the perfect wedding. Every bride dreams of their wedding day. It is the one day where everything is about them and their significant other. A day to celebrate their love and the holy union. When everything is perfect, it goes without saying that the centre of attraction, the bridal gown, and bridal jewellery, must also be perfect.

Gone are days of white dresses, brides now adore any colour on the pastel palette to accentuate their look. This has opened up a wider range of available bridal gowns and jewellery for the joyous occasion. The harmonious pairing of the two lends to complete the look of a perfect bride. Here are some things to note while choosing your bridal gown and jewellery:

Necklines and Necklaces

The pairing of gowns and jewellery follows a simple principle;  accessorize according to dress silhouette. For a halter neck or high neck, accentuated earrings or a statement bracelet gives a nice finish to the gown, as a necklace would take away the attention from the innovative design of the dress.

A strapless, off-shoulder piece or a sweetheart neckline leaves a lot of bare skin above the chest area. A statement necklace or a studded choker with a small or simple earring will throw focus on the neck-piece.

A deep V or other plunging necklines can be paired with long chains, accentuating your bosom. At the same time, a large stud will beautifully offset your face and veil from the dress.

Bridal jewellery also complements the embellishments in a dress, if any. Embellishments and lines in a dress also have a bearing on the jewellery that’s worn. Dresses with stripes can be worn with square-cut jewels to accentuate the stripes for a flattering fit. A more intricate embellishment calls for more rounded cuts that tie in with the dress.

Palette and Precious Metals

When choosing the gown colour, people tend to stick to pastel shades to give a more regal look. Dresses in warm tones are better paired with rose gold and gold jewellery, bringing out the gown’s hues and adding a majestic glow to the ensemble.

When pairing with cool tones, using silver metals offset the colour palette very well. They pair together to give an effortless yet elegant look.

The stones used in the jewellery and their colours are also important aspects of the ensemble. Wedding gowns usually follow one single colour palette without too many clashes. So most brides stick to diamonds or pearls. Pearls go well with any wedding gown. They add that elegant sheen to any pastel colour, giving off a quiet but exuberant radiance. Brides don’t have to fear experimentation though, a gemstone of contrasting colour could be an exotic statement piece.

Bridal jewellery also extends to hairstyles that are an important and indispensable part of any bride’s look. An embellished hair comb or a simple studded tiara could enhance the feel of royalty as every bride is a princess on their wedding day.

With so many choices, wedding shopping is usually a demanding but exhilarating experience for every bride. The perfect gown with the right jewellery adds that magic touch to their wedding day, making it a truly fantastic day to celebrate love.

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