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The Right Fashion in Heat

In hot weather, getting dressed can be a nightmare. Find suitable outfits for the office, parties, dates, all while trying to let your skin breathe. To avoid losing your sense of style even in hot weather, follow our guide.

Weekend in the city

When the mercury reaches almost 36 degrees, we no longer know how to dress. The jeans stick to the skin, the thick fabrics prevent the body from breathing. To endure this heat in all circumstances, here is our guide to choosing your clothes under the heat wave. At the fashion blog guest posts you will know it all.

How to dress in the office when it’s hot:

While it is clear that the mini short / cropped top combo is not recommended in the open space, there are other refreshing options. Use flowing blouses and light blouses to let the skin breathe. Natural materials such as cotton or linen are highly recommended. Downstairs, palazzo-style air pants are highly recommended. In addition to being comfortable to wear, these pieces have the advantage of remaining in an elegant register. Side shoes, a nice pair of sandals will do the trick.

How to dress in the evening when it’s hot:

If there is an opportunity to get your favorite cropped top out, it’s for an evening! Paired with a midi skirt, the light set promises to avoid the impression of cooking on the spot. Of course, it all depends on the dresscode. If the invitation is marked ” proper attire required “, prefer a pretty skater dress with a midi cut, just to be on trend. An elegant pantsuit is also a good alternative. On your feet, opt for heeled mules, star shoes of the season.

How to dress for a date when it’s hot:

Who says maxi dress, says maxi effect . Why not take advantage of this strong heat to turn to a long dress for a date? Many brands offer models cut in very light fabrics, with thin straps or short sleeves. The most daring will dare the Bardot neckline, which by skillfully revealing the shoulders can prove to be a real asset of seduction. Guaranteed feeling it will be.

How to dress at the beach when it’s hot:

Swimwear is a must, of course. Between bikini and a piece of all shapes , the choice is Cornelian. But when it comes to getting dressed, it is even more so. Convenient to put on over a swimsuit, tunics and beach dresses are ideal . These are found in the brands’ beachwear collections. And above all, don’t forget to get your neck wet.

How to dress for a weekend in the countryside when it is hot:

One of your friends had the good idea to organize a weekend getaway in his country house. You did not know what to do with this mini liberty dress relegated to the bottom of your closet? This is a good opportunity to bring it out. It’s also time to wear your prettiest shorts, like those with ruffles that have been seen everywhere lately. Combine them with a romantic blouse with puffed sleeves.

How to dress for a weekend in the city when it’s hot:

Whether you intend to picnic on the quays or find freshness in a movie theater, the playsuit is your best ally . Choose it in a fluid material, such as cotton or even linen. Arm yourself with a pretty hat to avoid any risk of sunstroke.

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