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The Story of XOTIC X.X.X

The Beginning

On February 10, 2019, Christine and Christina Marcelus established a brand that would later be known as ‘XOTIC X.X.X’. As twins, they both dreamed of getting high-paying 9 to 5 jobs after finishing college. However, something struck them out of the blue. An inspiration that only comes for a few in every generation. After the fogs vanished, they knew they were up for something greater than aiming for a degree.

As twins with Haitian backgrounds and an already planned future as doctors, founding a fashion brand happens to be daunting. However, fear and doubts haven’t stopped them. Instead, they embraced the challenge, persevered, and achieved a milestone in their lives. As everyone can see, both are proud and accomplished seeing the status of the company.

The Present

XOTIC X.X.X is a designer luxury fashion brand. In every clothing and many more products to come, it always strives for greatness in design, comfort, uniqueness, and expression. Given how Christine and Christina didn’t come from a Western family, creating something beyond the ordinary captures the brand’s essence perfectly. As such, XOTIC X.X.X only makes stylish, excellent to wear, and modern-looking clothing.

Moving Forward

After founding XOTIC X.X.X Christine and Christina felt a sense of accomplishment. While other teens rest, they didn’t stop dreaming and planning for the future of the company. Initially, they had a different way of doing things, even on recreational activities. Accordingly, they adapted this trait to their business venture.

In the near future, the fans and customers should expect fresh ideas, fantastic products, and a new take on the title, luxury fashion brand. If the industry slows down and sleeps on quality, XOTIC X.X.X will continue to provide excitement and satisfaction with its offerings.

The XOTIC X.X.X Difference

As Christine and Christina quote, “There is no plan B.” As both believed in their vision, they successfully established a brand that’s not just another clothing store. It’s no coincidence that XOTIC sounds like ‘exotic’; since the brand’s foundation is laid out from uniqueness and a different way of doing things, the word is nothing more but a perfect fit. How is it relevant to its products? Simple–they’re one of a kind, out of the norm, and traversing racial and social boundaries.

While other brands treat their products as products, XOTIC X.X.X crafts each line, design, and thread with a sense of expression. It’s a symbol that speaks more than words about being away from the crowd; no matter how different you are, you’re great in your own ways; no matter how unsure the world seems to be, you’re always sure about your decisions and actions; no matter how the world rejects your style, approach, and personality, you always know deep down that you’re made for something greater than yourself.

Through the ways of XOTIC X.X.X, it instills confidence and a message for anyone out there that still doubts themselves. Seeing what Christine and Christina Marcelus accomplished, you need to trust your senses, believe in yourself, and do everything you can to achieve your dreams.

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