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Tipping at Hair Salons and Other Etiquette

When you visit a Denver hair salon or other salon, it’s important to know about some of the popular rules of etiquette.

On Time for Your Appointment

Things can come up in life but it’s still important to be on time. Even just being 15 minutes late is too late because the salon works in 15-minute intervals. If a client shows up late, it causes your hairdresser to be late for the rest of the day. If you find that you are running late, call the salon and let them know. It’s a courtesy that helps everyone involved. You should call at least 30 minutes before your appointment time so hairdressers are able to readjust the day.

When You Should Reschedule

Depending on how late you are going to be for your appointment, you may have to reschedule completely. You shouldn’t expect the stylist to be able to sort it out. Your hairdresser does want to make you happy, but being late is cutting into time for everyone else.

Etiquette While in the Chair

Technology causes a lot of our lives to be spent without a great deal of human interaction. There can be something satisfying about the in-person experience, including a visit to the salon. Your hairdresser may be more than just a stylist and can be a great friend. However, there can be some lines of oversharing. It will depend on the relationship you have with your stylist if you want to share personal information. If you think the information could be too politically charged or offensive then it probably is. The salon experience can be different for everyone. Some people prefer not to chat and others want the latest gossip. Keep in mind the most important thing you should talk about is what you want done with your hair. Be sure to print pictures to show what you want and make sure you and the stylist are on the same page. Make the most out of your visit and get professional advice from the stylist.

Using Your Cell Phone

Cell phones are almost like an extension of your arm. Being on your phone during an appointment can be rude, but many stylists say it’s fine if it’s not affecting their work. However, phone calls can get in the way most of the time. If you need to expect an important phone call, be sure to tell your stylist. Timing is important. If you are getting color applied then it’s most likely fine to be on your phone but if you are getting a haircut where balance is going to play a role then you shouldn’t be texting or chatting.

Tipping Your Stylist

The standard practice of tipping is 20%, but you should tip according to your experience. You should also tip assistants and the person who shampoos your hair. When it comes to assistants, these people are training to become more knowledgeable hairdressers and living on tips. If you are unsatisfied then you don’t have to tip.

What Happens if You Don’t Like Your Hair?

Not every salon visit is going to meet expectations. If you find yourself not happy with the style then you should speak up so the issue can be resolved. If you do have a return visit to the salon then tipping is going to be a personal preference based on your experience. While hairstylists do fix unhappy clients on a return visit, it’s not going to be ideal for you or the stylist. This is why it’s so important to be upfront with the stylist, and inspiration pictures and references are important. This way, everyone can leave their Denver hair salon happy and with a great head of hair.

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