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Tips for Choosing a Concealed Carry Holster

As a concealed weapons permit holder, it is your responsibility to completely conceal your weapon when you are carrying. In addition, you are responsible for carrying it safely. Therefore, you will likely invest in several concealed carry holsters.


You want to be able to safely carry and draw your weapon without accidental misfiring. However, thumb snaps, releases and safety straps may not add to the safety of your holster. Therefore, consider a holster that completely covers your trigger guard so you don’t misfire as you pull your weapon. Your weapon should also fit securely into the holster, almost as if it is suctioned in, so consider purchasing one that is made specifically for your weapon.


You should be able to draw your firearm with either hand. If someone comes up on your carry side, you need to be able to draw with your nonfiring hand. In addition, you should be able to draw from any position. For example, you should be able to draw while sitting in your car with your seat belt on and while running or maneuvering around obstacles.


Your holster should be made of high-quality leather or other heavy material, such as nylon. Although your holsters don’t have to cost a fortune, choose the highest quality holsters you can afford. More expensive holsters will last longer and improve your carrying safety and comfort.


You should also invest in holsters for different occasions, clothing types and carry positions. You want to be sure to carry your weapon at all times. If you don’t have a holster that works with a specific outfit or event, you may be encouraged to leave your weapon at home more often.


Try out multiple holsters to determine your most comfortable carry location and holster type. For example, women may have trouble carrying on the hip because of the shape of their bodies. These holsters may dig into a woman’s ribcage or hip and may be seen easier than they would on a man. Also, choose holsters that allow you to wear undergarments to protect against chafing. Finally, choose carry positions that allow for comfortable drawing. For example, if you sit often, you may be more comfortable drawing from an ankle holster than someone who stands the majority of their day. In addition, you don’t want to twist or contort your arm or hand to draw your weapon.

Choosing the right holsters is just as important as choosing the right firearm. If you are serious about concealed carry, choose your holsters carefully so you are always prepared in case of an emergency

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