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Tips on Accessorizing Your Colorful Durags

Durags are silk or satin cloth caps that help make hair wavy or kinky. It works to retain styles that have been cut or gelled into your hair. However, you can use them just for style the same way you use a hat. In the fashion industry durags have been making waves as they are now being included more like accessories for people looking to pull off specific rugged looks.

Durags come in many colors like, gold, green, pink, black, or even white. These colors vary and deciding what to pair your durag with becomes difficult when you’re trying to avoid colors clashing.

How to Accessorize Durags in Different Colors

Deciding what color of durag to pair with your outfit can be hard sometimes. Here is a guide on the most common colors and how you can complement your clothes with silk and stylish durag.

Pairing Gold Durags

In gold color, durags can be paired with black, white, blue, lemon green, or purple attires. These colors complement gold and bring out its luster.

Pairing Green Durags

In green color, durags can be paired with brown, different shades of gray, light yellow, light blues, and light purple. Although it requires thought and careful consideration, green can also be paired with light pink or orange if you know how to pick the right combination.

Pairing Pink Durags

Pink durags can be paired with neutral tones like black and white, dark grey, deep dark blue, etc. It compliments darker colors and it brings out the brightness in it. Pink durags can also compliment deep dark brown or light, almost white, grey.

Pairing Black Durags

Black durags can fit with any color. As a monotone, black compliments everything else and most people prefer to buy black durags over other colors. You can even use black durags with a pink cap.

Pairing Purple Durags

You can pair your purple durags with a yellow t-shirt and black joggers. Orange t-shirts or trousers also go well with purple. It all depends on what you want. For more information about purple durags, check

Durags are beautiful when you know how to pair them well and they aren’t limited to hip hop fashion.

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