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Tips on choosing the right makeup foundation

The foundation makeup you choose determines how you’re going to appear. Some will highlight your features, while others won’t let you shine. Your appearance type determines some of these things; your eye and hair color and your complexion.

When choosing your makeup, foundation, skin color, and the undertone come to the core. That narrows your search, and therefore you can get the best shades for your skin.

Keep in Mind- foundation is not care.

When you use the proper skin care, your skin remains healthy and can counteract dryness and oiliness, and it helps your skin stay well balanced.

The foundation makeup is a veil.

Do you intend to cover any pimples, some dark circles, or redness? The foundation doesn’t do that; it’s the work of a concealer. The concealer’s job is to cover up imperfections, and it’s even more flexible to more benefits. It can be used to camouflage brown hairs and such.

Know your skin type

If you have oily skin, you know not to buy a moisturizer just like a foundation. Formulas have evolved, and now you can get your desired finish for your skin type in liquid or powder foundations. Knowing your skin types helps you understand the best choice of foundation makeup to buy.

Have you been trying all manner of foundation makeups, and even after buying your fifth one, you don’t seem to be satisfied? The reason is that you don’t know your skin type. You can check online for the different skin types and recommended foundation makeup.

Skin tone

The melanin content present in the uppermost layer of the skin is what determines your skin tone. This is the surface color of the skin, whereas undertone is the hue underneath the surface. Even if you’re tan in the winter and pale during summer, your undertone remains the same. The undertones can be cool, warm, or neutral.

When choosing your foundation, select one closer to your skin tone on your face and neck, not your arm. Your arms could be of different shades and therefore not match your complexion. A little lighter is always better as recommendations for foundations because when they get oxidized, they tend to darken, thus adapt to your skin tone,

Coverage of the foundation

Everyone has a unique taste for coverage. The options here are medium, light, and full range. To even your skin color while showing your natural complexion, a light coverage foundation is excellent. Medium coverage foundation allows you to cover up some minimal imperfections while looking natural and maintaining skin texture. Full coverage means you’ve most coverage, and no texture is showing.

Liquid foundation

There are different varieties of foundations, but they fall into two categories; Liquid and powder foundations. The liquid foundation finish options are satin, dewy, Velvety, and matte. The Satin and Velvety give a universal look, a natural finish, and more of a second-skin look.

For the right foundation makeup, you need to check through some makeup reviews and choose a shop that has the right products to give you the best look for your skin.

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