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Trendy Boys Haircuts for 2020

Choosing the best boys haircuts can be a bit of a challenge, especially these days as styles are extremely progressive and the sky’s the limits. But regardless if it’s a back-to-school haircut, a fun summer hairstyle or a hairstyle for a special event you want to find a style that will make your child happy!

Until the last decade or so, boys haircuts were rather plain and simple. However, today there are many more options for haircuts for boys. LoveHairStyles believes that boys haircuts should be an expression of their personal style and personality.

We have composed a list of some of the popular styles for haircuts for boys to give you a better idea of what your son might like.

Popular Boys Haircuts for the New Decade


Undercut haircuts are extremely popular this year. An undercut style is one in which the back and sides are shaved or cut very short with a bit more length on the top. This look has a bit of a disconnect between the top and the rest of the head as it does not fade as smoothly as some of the other boys cut.

Taper Fade.

This style is ideal for schools that require a clean cut that is not too severe. A taper cut starts out with more length on the top and slowly fades to a short or shaved length in the back. Tape fades are smoother than an undercut and give off more of a refined look.

Faux Hawk

Most of us can identify the 1980s Mohawk, even if we have only seen it on the big screen. A faux hawk is a more tame take of this retro style in which the tapered haircut forms a point in the center or the head. The length on top can vary and you can opt for shaved sides to give it a bit of an edgy look.


The mullet is another 1980s trend that is making a comeback. This style is longer in the back and cut very short on the top and sides. The mullet and the faux hawk are popular with those who want to show off their more daring side or stand out from the crows.

Another popular throwback to the 80s, this style is another that is coming back into favor amongst the younger generation, it is cut short on the top and sides and generally much larger in the back.

Crew cut

Crew cuts are making a comeback for boys haircuts as they are low maintenance and super trendy. With a crew cut, the hair is buzzed extremely short on both sides and blends with the top and back.


Another refined style, the pompadour is a tapered haircut that is brushed back with more length and volume in the front and top of the head.

Shag Haircut

This is an ideal cut for those who wish to have a bit more length than some of the more traditional boys hairstyles. With this look, the ends are razored to give it a “shaggy” effect that is both carefree and low maintenance.

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