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Trendy Ring Ideas For a Minimalist Look

Be honest, this morning, you spent more time than you should have going through your closet. Even though you have racks of clothes, you couldn’t find anything you wanted to wear.

But when you finally settled on an outfit, there was something off about it. You probably didn’t accessorize. The truth is: You’re never fully dressed without the right accessories.

Not sure where to start with your accessories? How about a few minimalist rings on your fingers? Here are some trendy ring ideas to accent your outfits.

Start With a Simple Band

If you’re starting your ring collection, it’s a good idea to start with the basics. Simple bands are the ideal base of any well-rounded ring collection. You can easily wear them alone or pair them with other rings.

A simple band shouldn’t have any adornments like gemstones or knots. Start your collection with at least three simple bands of different thicknesses. A thin band, medium, and a thick band—also called a cuff ring.

You can wear a single band or pair a few simple bands together across your fingers. Once you have a few good, basic rings, you can build your collection.

Add Some Texture

One step up from a simple band is a ring with texture. These rings add a little bit of visual interest to your ring collection without being too embellished or flashy. You can easily keep the minimal aesthetic without being flat.

You can add texture with hammered rings. This style features small divets across the band that often creates a handmade look. The hammered effect is often subtle, so they’re great if you don’t want a lot of texture.

But if you do want more noticeable texture, try twisted, braided, or woven bands. These rings create more of a statement with an understated design.

Stick to a Single Metal

If you want to stick to a minimal look, don’t mix your metals. There is a right way to mix the metals when you wear jewelry. But if you don’t take those tips into consideration, your jewelry can easily look messy.

Beginner jewelry wearers should stick with silver, gold, or rose gold because they’re the most common metals. The general rule is that those with cool undertones should wear silver, while warm undertones should wear gold.

However, now this is an antiquated rule. Anyone can rock trendy gold rings or silver or rose gold no matter their undertone. No matter which metal you prefer, one metal is better for a minimalist look.

Try to Stack and Layer

Having a minimalist aesthetic means less is more. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with multiple rings. Stacking and layering are great ways to style your ring collection together.

Start with your base of a simple band, add some texture, and then a little bit of color. Mix the sizes of rings so large statement pieces are near smaller rings.

You can layer two or three on a single finger or spread them out across your hand. Wearing multiple rings creates a bit of interest to a minimal look.

Choose a Statement Piece

Even a minimalist outfit needs a statement piece. You need something that stands out, so you have a memorable outfit. The same is true for jewelry, including rings.

Having a statement piece doesn’t mean you have to choose something large and gaudy. Statement rings can be a little more decorative, a little more colorful, or feature gemstones or a flat face.

Anything that stands out a little more than your other pieces can be a statement piece. A statement ring will help add some variation to make your outfit a little more interesting.

Aim to have one statement ring per hand. Otherwise, you risk overwhelming your outfit.

Mix and Match Styles

The key to having a good ring collection is to have a few different styles. And if you’re going to wear multiple rings, don’t be afraid to mix these styles.

Similar rings on all your fingers can create a neat and tidy look. But if you want to break up your look, mix it up.

Think about your aesthetic: is it trendy or classic, boho or edgy? Consider choosing your top two style influences and mix these for a look that’s unique to you.

Check out some trendy silver rings at Dreamland Jewelry Rings for more styles.

Play Around With Size

Another way to break up potential ring monotony is by playing around with the size of your rings. You can wear multiple bands of similar sizes, but the look won’t be as interesting.

So choose rings that differ in size. Small dainty rings make great accents next to larger statement rings.

But you also want to consider the size of your other accessories when choosing your ring sizes. If you’re wearing smaller pieces, you don’t want a lot of chunky rings. And vice versa, so balance the size of all the accessories in your outfit.

Adorn with Gemstones

Gemstones are a must when it comes to rings. They add some extra color and can add some texture to your accessories too.

A great place to start when buying gemstones is your birthstone. But if you want more options, pearls, sapphires, and emeralds are great options for everybody.

When choosing a gemstone, you have the option of a polished or raw finish. Polished gemstones are smooth, while raw has a rough, natural texture. Shape and cut are also important factors when it comes to choosing a gemstone.

Trendy Ring Ideas for the Minimalist Aesthetic

Every outfit needs the right accessories to take it to the next level. Even when you have a minimalistic aesthetic, you need accessories to finish off your outfit. A popping ring collection is one surefire way to add interest.

Start by incorporating these trendy ring ideas into your next outfit. Once you grasp the basics, you can play around until you find the pieces that fit your style. Then every outfit will have the herd turning your way.

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