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Ute Trays:  A Buying Guide

Thinking of buying a new ute tray? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Although some of them come pre-installed in the rear side of a truck, some individuals prefer to buy the structure of the ute tray only and customise it according to their needs.

There are multiple functionalities of ute trays, so you need to choose the one that works best for you. Ensure you get your ute tray from a reliable supplier and since there are many ute trays for sale Victoria, try getting those to save considerable money!


  • Customizability: The best thing about ute trays is that they’re completely customisable! Depending on what you’re planning on using ute trays for, you can have one built according to your needs. The size, colour, material, etc., are all up to you.
  • Adds Value to Your Vehicle: Adding a ute tray to your vehicle adds value to the car or truck. When people search for used cars, they usually go for ute trays. You won’t have any problem selling your vehicle if you want!
  • Handful Storage Capacity: This one’s obvious! Adding a ute tray to your vehicle will give you a good amount of storage. You’ll be able to transport heavy-duty equipment with them easily, without depending on anyone else.

3 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Ute Tray


The first and foremost thing to consider before buying a ute tray is the reason you’re buying it! Around 20% of the new vehicles purchased in Australia are ute trays. This means manufacturers consistently fit ute trays into vehicles, and they have different purposes.

Some ute trays may be for heavy-lifting, some simply for extra storage or some for business purposes. Regardless, all these purposes would have different requirements for the vehicle. It’s essential you know the purpose of your purchase so that you can buy the best fit for you!


The next important thing to consider is the material used for the ute tray. The 3 primary materials used to produce ute trays in Australia are alloy, aluminium, and steel.

Alloy and aluminium are lightweight, so they’re good for helping with the extra storage. Aluminium is a steadier material so that it can offer your load maximum protection. Steel would be the best for heavyweight equipment since they are pretty robust.


It’s important to know precisely what size of ute tray you need fitted into your vehicle. If you don’t know the exact measurements, it’s likely that you may get the wrong size. Later on, this can cause issues when your equipment and load don’t fit in the tray.


The tray’s longevity is one of the things you should definitely consider before buying it. Its longevity will depend upon the material it’s made of. Ensure the material you’re getting has excellent durability, so you’re getting your money’s worth!

Last Words

Buying a ute tray is an investment that is undoubtedly worth a lot. Whether you need a tray to help your business or make it easier to transport heavy-duty equipment, they can come in really handy.

They offer so many extra features; it’s hard to turn away from their use. Their convenience is why ute trays are so sought after in Australia. What are you waiting for? Buy a ute tray now, or get one customised!

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