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When does one consider an earlobe repair?

The earlobe repair surgery corrects distended torn or drooping earlobes. The earlobe surgery procedure is commonly known. The earlobe is prone to get torn because it consists of skin and fat. The popular cause of torn earlobes is earrings.


Common piercing is also another cause of torn lobes.


The earlobe repair process


The repair can describe different procedures. In some instances, surgeons will correct a distended or drooping earlobe, while others will repair a torn or split one. The surgeon reduces the size of the lobe by getting rid of the sagging skin.


A decline in the production of collagen in the body leads to drooping of the earlobes. The process of repairing torn earlobes depends on the size of the tear.


Who qualifies for earlobe repair surgery?


A person with overall good health and positive expectation regarding the procedure is an ideal candidate. In the event of severe scarring or keloids in the past, you are not suitable for this procedure.


Schedule a prior consultation with your surgeon to determine whether you are fit for earlobe repair surgery. You will be able to enquire questions pertains to the repair surgery for your earlobes.


Otoplasty is also a medical procedure that is used to correct the appearance of your earlobe. It handles your problem, whether caused by the dissatisfaction of your current build, injury, or congenital disability. The procedure gives your earlobes a great and natural look.


Children, teenagers, or adults with earlobes problems can have otoplasty procedures done on them. A child must be at a school-going age to qualify for this process.


Adults and teenagers should not have life-threatening diseases while going through this procedure. Smokers should not undergo otoplasty. In any discomfort after the surgery, the surgeon in charge should administer over-the-counter medication and prescription.


The cost of an earlobe repair


When performing earlobe surgery, the cost is a factor that you should consider. Depending on the type of repair, it varies from 500 to $1,500. The most common payment options for the surgery are plastic surgery financing and insurance companies’ coverage.


Some of the common earlobe repair surgeries include;


  • Stretched or gauged earlobe repair
  • Botched earlobe repair
  • Torn earlobe repair
  • Scar healing from measuring or piercing
  • Getting rid of face piercing


Is the earlobe repair surgery painful?


It is one of the minor invasive surgeries there are. Like any other surgery, it will leave you feeling nervous. In a matter of 30 minutes’ maximum, the surgery happens. You can change the appearance of your ears in a few weeks after surgery. A local anesthetic performs the surgery; hence there is no pain whatsoever.


Final words


Good looks are what everybody yearns for. Earlobe repair surgery is a proven and successful way of restoring your usual appearance. It creates a better proportion to the rest of your face. It is straightforward and results in restoring pierced holes, trauma, ear gauging, and tears.

Generally, it improves your overall facial aesthetics.




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