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Why Are Rose Gold Rings So Popular?

What is better than buying or receiving something that receives constant compliments? Um, absolutely nothing (after all, people indulge in nice things to be noticed or for the purchase). Unless you are a billionaire, you would agree with that statement. Wait, even they probably want to be noticed by other billionaires, too. And when it comes to jewelry, that is definitely the case. The more different, the more compliments. And this what rose gold does to everything, especially engagement rings.

As subtle as rose gold is, it makes a statement that yellow, white gold and silver cannot do. Yeah, I know, some like to keep it conventional to make ring shopping easy but why not make a statement. After all, the person you love is not conventional. Well even if they are, why not change it up and go with the popular choice…a rose gold ring. Here are 6 reasons why rose gold rings are so popular:

It Pairs Well With Most Colors

Traditionally, gold, white gold, and silver have been staples when it comes accessorizing with rings…until rose gold arrived as an option. Rose gold has taken the ring-world by storm because it pairs well with every clothing color imaginable (well, maybe not black or white – which are, quite honestly, to plain to even “raise the roof” about). From pinks and pastels to burgundies and blues, rose gold will draw attention immediately. YES, it is just that different (especially on the finger – hellooooo handshake with a compliment).

It Is Nontraditional

Tradition is something many people try to stick to but what for when it comes to rings? Times change, why not you? Why not have or want something that gives way to defining who you are, what you like, or what you wear? This is how much rose gold rings stand out. They are staple pieces meant to be nontraditional and extraordinary (especially when paired with diamonds). Sometimes it is good to go again tradition if it means loving what you rock on your finger.

It Symbolizes Love

When you think of love, what color comes to mind? Let me guess, are they varying colors of reds, pinks, and maybe even light purples. This is the feeling most people get when they see rose gold rings (especially when picking out engagement rings). Why? Because simply put, the rosey color from the copper gives off hints of pinks and reddish tones that are often reflectively bounce off colors. Is that what love looks like? It bounces and shines and is a reflection of who you are. It is radiant. It is euphoria. It is beauty. It is…love.

It Is More Durable Than Gold Rings (Copper)

When it comes to rings, you will never beat the durability of rose gold rings (unless you choose platinum – and that metal quite frankly is heavier than it should be for a ring). So why not go with the not only a ring that is durable, but also not heavy. Gold has way of bending to the shape of your finger, but not rose gold. Rose gold has copper and copper is a heavy-duty metal. It is the “built Ford tough” of rings; which makes it long-lasting and holds value much longer than gold and silver. 

It Does Not Fade

Did you know white gold turns yellow and most gold rings fade as well (unless it is pure gold – which is rarely worn because the more gold it is the softer the ring)? While copper may dull and lose its shine, it can quickly be polished and look like new. Remember, this is just copper. Rose gold rings are mixed with copper and gold, which helps keep the ring fade resistant. This means you spend less time taking it to a jewelry store to be “recolored”  (especially if white gold). It would be remiss to mention this is a low maintenance option and that alone makes a rose gold ring a great buy.

Hello, It Is Cheaper!

Saving the best for last was not an accident. Yellow gold, white gold, and even silver are often very costly metals (and when you add a diamond to it you are really talking about a lot more money…Cha-Ching!). While rose gold rings can get a little on the pricey side, they are always cheaper than gold (unless you get a huge diamond, of course). Since most rings sold are mixed with other metals, why not choose the most affordable option? Rose gold rings are not only popular because of look; they are also popular because of price. So if you really do get your money’s worth choose quality in metal, look, and price. It is a beautiful trio when selecting rose gold rings.

If by now, you are still questioning the popularity of rose gold rings and the reason to go out and purchase one (especially as gift), you may quite possibly not be human. Rose gold rings will always speak to beauty the way other rings will not. They are just that unique and isn’t the one you love unique as well?

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